Jan. 2nd, 2017

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I'm a large heavy man. Fluffy at this point, per Gabriel Iglesias. No longer "damn!" & no longer "oh hell no."

Now at 5'7" I should weigh 180 more or less. That's a lot, but I'm not built along typical lines. When was the last time you met a man my height with a size 14 foot? Plus, from the waist down I'm very muscular. That's actually improving again now that I've gone back to running.

At my highest in the early 90's, I was a massive 434 lbs. I started exercising and dropped to 250 over a dozen years. In the early aughts, my psoriatic arthritis get bad and moving became difficult. By 3 years ago I had ballooned up to 370 again. Then I discovered my gluten intolerance and it's connection the the autoimmune stuff. I went off all things gluten and went into remission. I went back to the gym and over two years I was down to the mid 280's. Then work life became untenable and time for the gym evaporated.

I'd promised myself retirement meant would go back to the gym. That started the middle of November. Since then I'm averaging 3-4 visits to the gyms per week generally running at least 35 minutes each visit. In that time I feel better, stronger and thinner. I'm down a pant's size, a suit coat size and a shirt size. I've lost between 20 & 30 lbs, closer I suspect to the latter, than the former. I'm uncertain of the exact amount, as I started while we were back east & I didn't have access to a reliable scale there. I was 315 when I finally got to a scale I knew was reliable and down somewhere between 5 & 10. Today, I weighed in at 298.

I weigh myself every trip to the gym. The elliptical I run on calculates the calories burned when I enter the weight as I start. On average, my weight hangs stable for about a week, then suddenly drops 4-5 lbs. That happened this morning. I dropped 6 lbs from my last visit there on Thursaday last.

Breaking thru to the two hundreds is huge for me. Dropping under 300 is a real boost to my enthusiasm. I would be thrilled to be 200 lbs again. It feels possible today. We will see how things progress, but tonight for the moment it doesn't like a pipe dream any more


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