Jan. 3rd, 2017

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I spent my morning packing. Now that we've had the visit from the staging person, and I've heard her say that she wants most of what's in the kitchen gone, I'm now packing up the remainder.

The china hutch is now empty, and we've arrange for movers to come a week from tomorrow and the china hutch, shelving unit & rolling kitchen island we will disappear from the kitchen and wind up at the lake house. Further, the bulk of my sewing/craft loft will also go that day, so the loom, tall upright sewing cabinet, tredle sewing machine, spinning wheel & the last of the cedar chests will also make the journey. That should completely emptying out what I'm taking from the kitchen (with the exception of a few cooking implements and the contents of the refrigerator, plus the every day dishes) & Garage/craft loft will be finished.

This leaves my closet, which is a work in progress. I've gotten rid of in a Normas amount of debris that was in the closet and I do have the sense that by the end of the month I will be ready to leave our property.

One small problem remains; the new place is unlikely to be ready for us to move in by then. My suspicion is mid February is more likely, if not the end of the month. I intend to speak with our next-door neighbors. They rent their place out on Airbnb when they're not up here. I wonder what it would cost us to stay there for a couple of weeks or longer.


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