Jan. 8th, 2017

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Errands attended to yesterday, I had something I needed to do for myself - to go run. I had done a run two days earlier where I made it 45 minutes for a distance of 3 1/3 miles. It didn't kill me. Seriously, it didn't. I had to push myself a bit, but not all that hard to finish. That this is possible for me is both amazing and reassuring. I like it. Like it a lot in fact. It makes me feel vital and strong.

So yesterday I was a bit pushed for time so it was just a 35 minute run that reliably gets me past 2.5 miles as well as past a 500 kCal burn. I ran to try and round out the mílage from the two runs to 6 miles. That meant pushing hard enough to hit 2 2/3 within the 35 minutes which I just succeeded in doing by the skin on my teeth. It was a spur of the moment goal, not one I had when I started my run, more like a decision I made in the last 5-6 minutes of the run, just to see if I could. That I succeeded jazzes me.

Stepping on the scale after my run was another motivator. I was at my lowest weight since starting. I'm now down somewhere between 25 and 30 lbs. That just all & out excites me! For the first time in a long time getting to 200 lbs feels like a tangible goal. As of yesterday, that's 96 lbs away. That's only a 4 lb difference since he beginning of the week, yet with the milestone it represents it feels like so much more. It does feel like 250 is very much doable by next Thanksgiving.

Now 250 puts me below the fluffy stage. It means shopping, when necessary, is in a regular store or department. At that weight, I'm reliably in an 17-17.5/XL shirt, 40 or 42" pants & a 52 coat. That's big, but still sizes everyone caries. At that point I'm just another American guy, chunky, but no longer freakishly obese, no longer the guy that makes you say, "oh, hell no!", when they seat me next to you on a flight.


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