Jan. 9th, 2017

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Meryl Streep was given the lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. Well deserved, if you ask me. She is an amazing talent, a virtual chameleon, with an enormous body of work stretching back to the 70's.

She criticized the president elect last night from the pulpit the Globes gave her, again spot on criticism that was well deserved if you ask me. I'd recommend watching her comments in their entirety and judge for yourselves if she isn't spot on in her take.


Of course this morning, the president elect struck back on his favorite platform, Twitter.

Fasten your seatbelt friends; the next 4 years are gonna be a very bumpy ride.
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OMG deliciousness!

My husband wanted a cookie. Cookies actually.

I was prepared tonight. He caught me off guard last night and I wound up baking cookies for him at 10:15. Yes, I do love the man. Now fortunately I had GF chocolate cookie dough in the fridge. 17 minutes later I put a plate of cookie in front of him.

After my trip to the dentist this afternoon, I hit the local Safeway and picked a pair of oatmeal craisin cookies that had his name on them. No baking for me on this rainy night.

For myself? A 1/2 cup of fresh organic blueberries, topped by organic raspberry Greek yogurt & GF organic honey oat granola.

Oh. My. God.


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