Feb. 16th, 2017

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I spent a grand total of six hours at the Apple store today. This doesn't include the hour and a half drive to get there nor does it include the hour and a half back.

I've been a dedicated iPhone user for the past decade, going back to the days of the iPhone 2. I find them a handy piece of technology, & I was sold from the very first half hour I had one in my hands. Things that if you take me months to figure out how to do with my Old Sony Ericsson I was doing within 30 minutes with my very first iPhone (& a new Apple devotee is born!).

I went to an iPhone 6 Plus not quite 2 1/2 years ago. I found more and more I used the phone in place of booting up my laptop, & given the number of hours I spent at work fondling the damn laptop, not having to open it to read live journal, or check my email was a real plus. The larger screen on the plus model was a real bonus, and it made the phone in some ways easier and another is more difficult. It was on wieldly to hold & even more so to carry. It was uncomfortably large for a shirt pocket & Often uncomfortable in the pants pocket. I also drop the thing with more frequency than I was comfortable with and ultimately, with more frequency than the motherboard was comfortable with.

Saturday last I put the phone down on my nightstand and it slid a foot and a half to the floor 4-5 seconds after I put it down. While the fall was not far, it landed just awkwardly enough that the face screen popped open on the side. I made my way down the following morning to the people who replaced the battery in a couple of months back, in large part because the phone was not charging properly once the face screen popped. At the mall kiosk and is one of the two proprietors disassembled the face screen to reattach it properly, I also mentioned to him that the battery was now rattling within the case, That it appeared to me need more adhesive. They had just gotten another phone traded into them with a relatively new iPhone branded battery, and as I've been a decent customer there he offered to install that when into the phone, Which I happily excepted. Said battery unfortunately was quite dead and rather than leave the phone there to be charged I took it with me for the long drive home intend on charging it up on the drive home.I arrived home with it fully charged only to find that the phone now with shut off randomly and reboot without warning.

I had stuff to do in Santa Rosa again to days later so I called them and told them I'd be back on Monday, that I suspected the battery was defective and that I wanted my aftermarket battery back since that had been working just fine prior to the phone's fall. Well, on Monday I discovered that going back to my original battery did not solve the problem and after doing diagnostics the repair guy told me he was fairly certain my motherboard was in the process of failing. I might get a couple of weeks or a couple of months if I was lucky; time to get a new phone.

Well this was not what I wanted to hear, I'm glad that he spoke both frankly and honestly. With that I walk down the hallway to the Apple Store to check out what it would cost me to upgrade to a new phone and what they might give me and trade-in for my now dying iPhone. The good news was they give me $185 to "recycle" the phone that I could use towards the upgrade. Going to a new iPhone 7 seemed a lot more attractive with $185 incentive. However I had neither backed up the phone to iTunes in ages nor to the iCloud & that really needed to get done in order to get data transferred to the new phone. I opted for a return trip to Santa Rosa later in the week, particularly as I had other errands to run. I also needed to figure out what I want to do with my service carrier, since I'm not exactly thrilled with AT&T's reception in our new County.

I returned to Santa Rosa at noon today parking at the far end of the mall parking lot. This was followed by trips first to the Apple Store, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, crickets, and MetroPCS (and, did I miss any?). After comparing notes it's seem to be my best option was still to get the phone from Apple I'm selves, imparts as they offered the best financial incentive to trade up, and also would sell me an unlocked phone which I could take any service. Since I'm still uncertain who is going to give me the best service here in Lake County and for the time being AT&T service is at least acceptable both in cost and quality, going this route leaves my options open. If I go to another carrier and find their service unsatisfactory, I'll be free to go elsewhere by purchasing the phone this way.

Of course, things did not go without a glitch. While I had backed the phone up to iCloud and iTunes, there were still connection problems. First off when you back up to iCloud only music you've purchased from the iTunes Store Will get saved to the cloud. The computer I was using when I first got this last iPhone crashed quite sometime ago, and while you can easily put music onto your phone, getting it back from your phone onto the computer isn't so easy. Night before last I bought an aftermarket program that would download my music and put it back into iTunes on my computer. Unfortunately by the time this started happening the phone with shutting down more and more often and getting almost 6 GB of music from the phone onto the computer was no easy task. I showed up today to the Apple Store with computer in hand, Only to find after purchase that I needed to update my iTunes on the PC to anewer version that would be compatible with the iPhone 7. For reasons we couldn't understand, and I say we because the sales person was having the same problem, I couldn't get my computer to download the latest version of iTunes successfully. The download kept freezing halfway through. After half a dozen attempts, we struck on the idea of moving to another web browser which after only two attempts succeeded.

While all this was going on, I signed in on the new iPhone and at least got a back up started from iCloud which chugged along diligently while we try to figure out why the problem with iTunes. Once the new version of iTunes was installed successfully, for reasons initially unclear, the new phone simply would not connect to my computer. Rather than go home with this issue unresolved, I made an appointment to see one of their 'geniuses' as they call their troubleshooting tech people. Unfortunately it was an hour and 15 minutes before he could get to me.

While waiting I continue to try and solve the problem, running diagnostics and reading the boards online. Just as the genius arrive to help me I had come to the conclusion I was missing a driver. Not being that tech savvy myself, I was grateful for said genius' help, Who seemed genuinely surprised that a customer who was standing there waiting for his assistance had figured out that the problem was likely a driver issue. It took us roughly 10 minutes to solve the problem, which was indeed a missing driver.

Well, all is well with the new phone. It works, it connects to my car's Bluetooth without a problem & I managed NOT to lose any files in the process of switching over. Well time for bed. It's now past one and I have a long day had of me tomorrow.


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