Mar. 5th, 2017

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Forgive the hyperbole in the title for this post. I am deadly serious.

We are living in dangerous times right now. At the risk of offending some who supported him blindly, we have put the fox in charge of the henhouse and we may pay for it dearly. We need to be vigilant and carefully pay attention to forces that have likely been behind the scenes, engineering putting the fox in charge. I have often said in the past to understand why things are as they are, you have to follow the money. That dictum remains I think all too true.

Rachel Maddow is a major voice that needs to be heard and listened to. She brings to the airwaves a thirst for truth and examination. If you don't catch her on cable, I strongly suggest you subscribe to the podcast of her show. Specifically, listen this past Friday's show and then tell me you're not disturbed, perturbed, and asking for more information. The appointments of Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson and Wilbur Ross to the cabinet now make much more sense to me.

And I'm starting to have greater respect to some of the intelligence community.

Seriously, if you do nothing else today download Friday's podcast and listen to it!

Then join the resistance.
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So we moved this last month to Lake County and are living on the south shore of Clear Lake. While we're only 35 miles from Santa Rosa as the crow flies, it's an hour and a half away and a windy 70-odd mile drive, due north.

We occasionally get snow in these parts generally only on the surrounding mountaintops and usually between No ember and early February. That said, it's snowing this morning. While it's pretty to see, I'm keeping my fingers it stops soon. My fruit trees are starting to flower across the street, peach and apple blossoms are just starting to open and this snow does not bode well for them. Still, I can count the times on the fingers of one hand that I have seen snow here in this part of California since I arrived in the Bay Area 38 years ago and it is an awesome sight.


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