Mar. 8th, 2017

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So I took the dog for a hike yesterday.

5 miles. 5 miles during which I went up something like 1300 to 1400 feet above where we're living.

There were fires in this neck of the woods last year and the year before and I kind of want to scout out ways of escape in case of future fires. Unfortunately, there is indeed only one route out driving, and the one on foot I took yesterday would be a challenge if you had to run. The best option for escape in case of a fire sweeping down the hill is going to be into the lake itself.

So be it.

My ankles are complaining this morning, as is the top of my butt. The former I suspect is due to the old damage from years of psoriatic arthritis, compounded by my weight. The latter is simply from current vigourous use. The latter kinda hurts so good this morning. The former just hurts.

No real matter. A little babying myself today. A long hot shower, some Tylenol, a little Celebrex and if I'm lucky a foot/ankle rub from my husband which could lead to other things.

I have stuff to do sitting today, like hemming some new dress pants I need for job interviews, one of which is Friday. Gym can be spaced to tomorrow, especially since yesterday's little hike clocks in at a calorie expenditure of about 1100kCal.

Oh, and I'm closing in on a 50 lb weight loss since mid November.

Time to go fix a little b'fast


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