Mar. 11th, 2017

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I have joined the world of podcasts and was listening to one a few days ago about the locavore movement (i.e. only eating foods ground within 100 miles of where you live.) i'm sitting contemplating my breakfast right now. The cottage cheese that's the time the mango and blueberry is indeed local, however, the blueberries are from Chile and the mango from Honduras. For that matter my morning coffee is from Honduras is well. The smoked salmon that sits upon the slice of gluten-free toast was caught in the north Atlantic, the onion underneath it is from Mexico and God only knows where the gluten-free toast and cream cheese were actually made. The milk I suspect it's from somewhere in the central valley.

I did hear a discussion about containerization of shipping worldwide on KQED last week while I was driving to Sacramento to buy tile that was made in China.

I wonder how long we're going to take to truly destroy the planet giving us. The amount of energy burned with all this global shipping in the long run cannot be good. Who in reality is paying the price.


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