Mar. 29th, 2017

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Lateral elicondylitis, aka tennis elbow, I haz it. Don't like it one bit.

Right side only, amen & I am at least allegedly, a southpaw. It started flaring yesterday. I've been been gardening, cleaning up our long neglected yard. I've taken out a bunch of holly, majorly pruned an ancient wisteria, started pruning the grapes, removed a handful of unidentified ugly bushes, planted a few fruit trees & today took on what I think is an apple, in severe need of pruning. We've had several neighbors comment how much better our new place is looking, generally followed by mildly disparaging words about the last owner.

I've put in 3 different peach trees, granted a few weeks back, that are supposed to bear at different times - mid-July, late August & October. Yesterday I put in a grafted cherry, boasting 4 different types; Bings, Lapins, Raniers (which I adore) & Black Tartarians. Bings require a pollinator by another cherry. The Tartarian will take care of that need.

Anyway I've started using topical diclofenac on the elbow and with luck, it'll calm down in a few days.

At least, I'm hoping.
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I'm living in a construction zone, with a contractor now separated from his wife of 20 years (not his choice) living in a trailer in my driveway. If the reality of living inside a house with neither a working kitchen nor a functional full bath wasn't bad enough, adding our contractor's mishigas to the mix is truly no picnic.

For even more dysfunctional fun, add a 90# loving, but needy wolf hybrid, who sheds the equivalent of a chihuahua every day to the mix. This on top of a perfectionist contractor, who's trying to do a finish paint job to custom cabinets is not a good combination. Today he announced in order to get the paint to dry he's going to need to crank up the heat in our place and make it 'stupid' hot. Seems that what they thought was dry when they stacked the doors and drawer fronts and leaned them against the wall, 3 full days after painting them with the first topcoat, many still stuck to each other. Stupid hot and paint fumes are not my idea of a good time.

Tomorrow I'm leaving.

When our contractor delivered that news today, I called a friend & asked if we could come stay for a bit in her living room if I couldn't find a motel that would allow us the dog. While she said of course, my husband isn't having it. She's 10 minutes from our old place. When he countered he, I & the dog would be too much of an imposition for our friend (who was Best Woman from our wedding), I suggested he takes the dog and camps at our old place. He agreed to that, before I left for a run to both the paint and hardware stores for supplies.

I decided we could split an order of enchiladas for supper, so the taqueria was the last stop before home.

Over dinner I told him I thought he should head out in the early morning and I would await the delivery of his new laptop and get his software installed, before heading out mid afternoon. He responded he was staying behind with the dog.

I'm stressed AND I'm ready to strangle him. He doesn't get that the dog is part of the problem in getting the work finished with higher quality.

For my own mental health I'm getting the Hell outta dodge tomorrow.

And if he decides to stay, so help me, I will give him grief like he will never forget, if there is so much as a speck of dog hair on those finished cabinets.


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