Apr. 7th, 2017

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Stress is a daily part of my life.

*vent alert*

I'm still living in a construction zone with a very volatile contractor. His work is excellent but his demeanor is driving me up the wall. I understand why he's gotten canned from a variety of past jobs, as his wife has told me & I understand why she wants out of their marriage. They've been together for over 20 years. I wouldn't have lasted one.

I clear out of the house as much as I can. This morning I came downstairs and made a light b'fast in the living room where the microwave and fridge reside while the kitchen is being worked on. He's been painting the cabinets and it was time to re-affix the doors. As they weren't completely dry, still slightly tacky and prone to stick to other painted surfaces, as he re-hung each door, he draped a white cotton rag over the top to keep it from sticking to the cabinet front. On the lower cabinet, on the living room side, I noticed he'd hung the doors but hadn't put a rag. I put my coffee cup and yogurt down on the counter and went for a rag to save him the trouble. He immediately stormed out, borderline slamming the kitchen door behind him. My tenant, who was employed as his helper just shook his head.

Two minutes later as I stood on the far side of the living room about to go back upstairs, I heard him come back in and was treated to a 5 minute tirade about all the stress I'm causing him. He vented to my tenant about having to cut corners and do poor quality work because of all the pressure I'm putting on him.

Pressure? I asked the other day if there is an ETA on when he might be finished with the painting. He gave me a snide 6 weeks. He followed with a short tirade about stress and pushing & if I want him to start cutting corners he will. I said no, I'm only asking for my information, I'm not asking for either cutting corners or poor work. Sometime a question is just that, a question.

Truth is, I cannot wait to see the back of him. Not because of his work or for that matter, the time it's taking. It takes what it takes. I can't wait for him to be gone because of his attitude and demeanor. He's caustic, he yells and berates people. We've had a previous helper quit because of his verbal abusiveness. Who the hell needs that crap and aggravation?

That helper was the next door neighbor who'd been in construction for years. He was tired of being yelled at, but the straw that broke that camel's back was how much the contractor bad mouthed the two of us to our neighbor, while we're paying him for this work. I wasn't sure I believed our neighbor at first. The contractor was caustic to him and I'd wondered if it was his way of trying to get us to can the contractor. Having been treated to the tirade he gave my tenant yesterday morning, I'm not pretty sure he was telling me the truth.

I'm pissed off.

What am I doing? I'm letting the work continue. It looks like it will be roughly 3 more weeks for him to finish, at which point he's outta here and I get a finished kitchen, three bathrooms, a walk in closet and a bedroom. I can then go about getting my life back in order, start unpacking and living life like a normal person again. If I can him now, which would be satisfying in many ways, i would then have to find someone to pick up where he left off and they will only delay things further. For that convenience, I'm willing to swallow my pride. The sooner this place is in order, the sooner I can go out and find work. I'm unwilling to look for work right now when I don't have a place to bathe adequately and groom, nor a closet to keep my clean clothing in. Did I mention the only place I have to bathe right now is in the contractor's trailer?

Will the house be done? Oh Hell no, but it will be livable. The painting and finish work outside can wait a bit until we can find someone sane to do that work.


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