Apr. 8th, 2017

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Well I'm sitting here and sipping my morning coffee out on the porch swing – at 4:30 in the afternoon. Last evening after I got home from taking in a movie (the new "Beauty and the Beast"), I fell into bed and shortly thereafter was out cold. Apparently, I really needed to sleep. That must've been about 7:30 or perhaps 8 o'clock. I awoke at 1 AM, went downstairs and brushed my teeth, then came back to bed and was wide-awake for a few hours. Amen for iPhones, Words with Friends, and the Internet. I probably drifted off to sleep sometime after three and then awoke at 7:30 this morning.

Initially this morning I thought I would simply clear out again, but then thought better of it. Looking out the upstairs bedroom window, I saw a horribly overgrown yard below me and an unidentified fruit tree in sore need of pruning, covered with dead branches. I left our contractor and his assistant to do their work and went outside to attack the yard. I gave the tree a major haircut today. I'm not sure what type of tree it is, but I'm suspicious we have an olive. We shall see later this year.

I also discovered that we have more grapes I didn't know about. To the east side of the house there's another vine which was crying out to be pruned, wending its way through a butterfly bush, and so I obliged it lovingly. The previous owner (or perhaps the owner before him) had rigged up a trellis for a branch of this particular grape vine, and it was sagging badly. Moreover that large branch was showing no signs of life, so I chopped off the dead great vine, untied then retied the trellis wires, and retrained the vine that was going up into the butterfly bush onto the trellis instead. I'm a bit disappointed to say that despite my working for 4 to 5 hours out in the yard if barely feels like I made a dent. In a few minutes I'm going back up to the bedroom to have a gander from the same vantage point as this morning. I'm hoping I'll feel like all my work was worth it – or at least that it shows a bit more from above.

As the contractor was already at work when I came downstairs, I grabbed an orange from the fridge, skipped everything else, & went outside to get to work. A couple of hours ago I took a break and actually ate said orange & then grabbed a cup of yogurt from the fridge in the garage. Until now that's been the total of what I've taken in today. I just had a small slice of gluten-free pizza left over from the other night. It is truly amazing to me how much exercise blunts my appetite. I could get used to this. Actually, I should get used to this. It'll be good for me.

Anyway, now that the workers are done for the day, I've been treated to the unveiling of the floor in the kitchen, hallway, & both closets in the bedroom. It's absolutely beautiful! There's just enough distress to makes this really look like a country kitchen floor. The reddish hue of the mahogany stain is absolutely lovely, as is the satin sheen on the floor itself. Seeing this really makes me feel like there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

Interestingly enough, the contractor asked, actually offered to move in the stove this weekend so I could start using it, which I declined since it was only going to be temporary, until he got around to doing our backsplash. I'd rather not move it in & out, so to his surprise, I declined. I don't want to make more work for him & the less the appliances are moved in and out of the house, the less chance for them to be damaged.

Below are pictures of the work in progress:

Note the kitchen door & the last owners' unfortunate taste for black. I'm planning to strip the door and stain it with the same stain in the floor & to probably replace the hideous carnival glass pains panes. I'm hoping they will look less garish with the door refinished. (I can hope, right?)

Finally you can see the refrigerator's alcove. The door fronts remain off for the moment. They're all painted but await the cabintet maker's return to install the drawer pulls.

The view down the hallway to what will be the master bedroom. My husband's hall closet to the right & the door to my walk-in on the left.

This is the walk-in closet in progress. It's a bit larger than 7' square. In SF, this would get rented out as a bedroom.


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