Apr. 12th, 2017

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After 20 years I have opted to keep my dentist and hygienist despite my move. It was a 5 minute drive from the house, walkable in about 25. It's now a minimum of 90 minutes.

I left the house for a 2 pm appointment at 10:15. Drove south on Hwy 29 & stopped in amiddletown for my morning coffee. Nice friendly people at this place and the java is solid. Always great and personable small town service.

My stop however cost me a lot of time. Just south of Middletown someone drove off the road right into a power pole, just before I arrived at the scene. 3 others had gotten there first; two were already at the wreck attending to the folks in the car. The pole was mostly knocked over and the power line was sagging badly. Not all the way to the pavement, but to waist level. No way in hell to drive under it.

I pulled out my mobile to call 911, but had no service, so turned and high tailed it back to the coffeeshop to use their line. The girl behind he counter handed me her cell. I made the call and three minutes stated he fire department raced past.

I turned and asked how to get over the hill with 29 blocked. Over the river and thru the woods to Pope Valley, then to Angwin, then on to St Helena and from there over the winding pass to Santa Rosa. This was definitely the scenic route. The trip that takes an hour 15 on a good day took 2. Not the end of the world right?

This dropped me into SR near Ross so I stopped to get a flateware drawer organizer and a paper towel rack for the new kitchen. Then onto the Pawn shop to replace my lost diamond stud. I've been friendly with the owner for years and there was a pair of screwback studs, 16 points each, marked at $325 I'd seen a week earlier. The owner is only there on Tuesdays and he's the one to see for a deal. I wound up paying two bills for the pair. Decent stones, good white color, set in 14k white gold and the only studs in the shop with screw backs. Since I usually sleep with it in my ear, the screw back was crucial. I lost the last stud at the temp rental last month, after having the stud for over 15 years. They had three singles, all 40 points and all push back. It would have cost me $50 to have them swap out one of the stones to a screw back finding and frankly 40 point diamonds felt like a headlight in my ear. I took the pair instead. I'll put one in the safe for now.

The length of the drive meant there was no time for the gym prior to my date with the hygienist at 2 so off I went to my old haunts. Both my hygienist and my dentist greeted me with surprise. If dropped over 50 lbs since they saw me last. My last visit was the beginning of December. Apparently, my success I. Shrinking is noticeable.

Light lunch post cleaning, then whole paycheck to see if they have GF Matzoh for the holiday which started tonight and they did! One box cost what 5 boxes of wheat costs, but that's 35$ less than what it listed for online last year. I was so there! It also beats my having to make it from oat flour myself!

Finally, I got to the gym. My 45 minute run went off without a hitch. Over 3.5 miles, 725 kCal burned, followed by a 25 minute soak in the hot tub after. I LOVE it! Oh and oh all the work at the house and the yard, this was my first time back to the gym in a week. And to my abject bliss, I'm down another couple of lbs to 273. I'm now less than 90# to goal. Feels doable. So as of now I'm closer to the 260's than the 280's & that tickles me, at least for the moment.

Enough for now. Sleep!
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Some months back I migrated my journal over to Dreamwidth.org. I had opened an account probably a year or so ago, but not being the most tech savvy person on the block, I never did much with it. Sometime last fall, the cause of my unease with Life journal servers being moved to Moscow, I figured out how to cross post from dreamwidth over to LiveJournal, and how to migrate my older posts going back to 2004 over to dreamwidth.

I've been cross posting now for probably two months, just ahead of the wave that appears to be beginning, sparked by the new TOS that came from LiveJournal in Russian. As an out gay man, the oppression that LGBT people face in the former Soviet union is disquieting to me, as is the reach of the Russian government into people's affairs.

My family of origin is predominantly Eastern European, mostly from former Soviet bloc countries. Three of my grandparents actually spoke Russian, albeit begrudgingly; it's telling that they taught none of their children the language. Years ago when I told my mother's mother that I was thinking of visiting her native Lithuania, she was horrified. She summed it up by saying, "if it was so wonderful, why do you think we left?" Further, I have heard more than once that the "Democratization" of Russia did something that 70 years of communism could not do; it's made communism look good. The rise of the Russian oligarchs, and the kleptocracy that has followed is truly frightening.

To anyone who follows my journal, I suggest to you strongly now is the time to migrate over to dreamwidth.org. My journal now resides there and while I will continue to cross post to this site, I will not be surprised to see this journal at some point simply disappear. Anyone who follows me here can find me they are under the same name. This community should be able to continue over there, perhaps even invigorated.

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The journey continues…

My weight-loss continues and as I had previous noted, it seems to come off in spurts. For about a week and a half I was hanging out in the 278 to 280 range. In the last four days I've dropped to 270. That makes it 55 pounds gone since the middle of November & 100 exactly since finding out I was gluten intolerant 3 1/2 years ago.

I'm continuing to hit the gym though not quite with the frequency I would like. It's now just 2 to 3 times a week, but that said, I'm doing a tremendous amount here at the house/property. I spent five hours today on yardwork. The last owner had not done anything with the landscaping in about six years. Everything is terribly overgrown. Trees are in dire need of pruning, as are the grapevines. Hollys have shown themselves to be very invasive plants and I have ripped out over a dozen of them just on one side of the property. The amount of calories you burn doing that is far from insignificant.

I suspect many find me somewhat self obsessed. However, I'm trying to turn my slightly obsessive compulsive nature to my own advantage & use it to bring me to a goal that I want dearly. I am tired of being obese. In general, obese people are not treated well, even though the perception of obesity is shifting, as our American society continues to grow ever heavier. We're not structured socially in this country for healthy living; too many hours of work, fast food/take out/prepared foods has become the norm, not to mention the damage of the American automobile. I want off of this merry-go-round. Moreover, the change in my own body image is profound. I no longer see myself as disabled, or even damaged.

As of tonight, I'm now 70 pounds north of what I consider an 'acceptable' weight. My muscle mass is increasing and muscle is heavy. I'm currently 85 pounds above what I was when I graduated from medical school. I know I'll never have that body again; that was a 25-year-old body. I'm now 62. I'll just have to see how I look, how I feel & what I have to do to achieve it, as time passes & as I get closer to where I think I'm headed. I guess we'll just have to see how things shape up in the fullness of time.


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