Apr. 19th, 2017

Who am I?

Apr. 19th, 2017 07:08 am
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It's just 7 o'clock in the morning. I've been awake for over an hour and a half. I woke up sneezing into my CPAP, got up to take a leak & came back into bed, but going back to sleep proved elusive. Still, the bed, unlike the house, was warm & I got to listen to the soothing, steady sounds of my husband's breathing in his sleep. I lay here contemplating what to do with my day.

I spent yesterday out near the grape arbor, pruning back an Oleander in desperate need of pruning. This one was looking rather sick & leggy, with a handful of branches already rotten. This particular Bush was already close to 20 feet tall and is blocking any potential of view from the back of the garage we were thinking of closing in a room. There was so much of it (the oleander that is) that after hacking back half of that I had no room in the area for more felled branches. I'll haul the stuff off to the dump today and then likely take out the remainder of the plant.

What's strange to me as I think about it, is that I am attacking the yard and gardening for the first time in my life. Prior to a few weeks ago I had never pruned anything in my life. I now have a pair of pruning shears strapped to my belt, & am the proud owner of a Fiskars 18 foot pruning hook.

Even stranger, my first thought about my day was to hit the gym & not breakfast and coffee.

Enough navel gazing for now.
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If you didn't see her tonight on MSNBC, Listen to the podcast ASAP.

Be aware, this is a call to arms to any of us who're part of the 99%. That should be about everyone. Certainly anyone who is reading my journal.

We cannot be complacent. The Republican elite in control in this country is now answering to big money (if they ever listened to anyone else, at least in my lifetime). They think they have a mandate, but as they found out from town halls and political activism in their home districts, many of them are in marked danger of defeat at the ballot box in 2018 if they continue to do what they have been threatening to do.

For the time being we have stopped them from killing the affordable care act. Note - I said for the time being. They are actively gutting the EPA. They are working to do the same with public education.

As I said, we cannot be complacent. The price of not taking direct action now, to protect the environment, to protect our health care, to protect our rights, to protect our future is too high.
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So I've been hacking away at the jungle densely overgrown plants in the yard. In he last 2 days, I've just about finished pruning the grapes, and decided there was a sickly looking, huge oleander that pretty well blocked any view that the future room my husband wants to construct at the back of the garage might have of the lake, that needed to leave. This thing stood a good 18 feet high and side to side was easily 15 feet if not more. It was leggy and branches were beginning to rot in some areas. Now it's a mangled twist of stumps on a deep root ball.

Most of the branches were easily clipped with a Fiskars 2' pruner; however, there were some that presented a challenge by their size. I remained determined.

It cost me.

Towards the end, I was pulling out the larger branches and got too cocky. There was one which I should have gotten the sawsall for. Instead, I persisted with my clippers, lost in a self justified attack of machismo. At one point I had one arm of the clipper handle wedged against my chest, with both hands pulling on the other. The branch went down, but I simultaneously felt a resounding pop in my anterior chest, followed by a sharp pain and point tenderness at the left side of my sternum where the 5th and 6th ribs connect. Coughing, and reaching for anything with my left hand make it crescendo. G-d forbid, I sneeze.

I'm pretty certain the 4th and 5th left rib heads are injured and likely, either out of correct place or broken.

The next couple of weeks is going to be fun - not(!).


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