May. 1st, 2017

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So it's May day and I'm just leaving the house for the gym. I need to get my run in. 24 hours ago I was just leaving the gym to come home having done 2 1/2 miles on the elliptical in a half an hour. My goal this week is to replicate that daily.

I used to challenge myself, when previously working out, sort of let's see what I can do this week. Well I decided this morning to make it a goal to get their daily for the week and see where I go.

So I just stepped on the scale in the garage. (Hopefully, by the end of the week, the scale will not want to be living in the garage, but in the bathroom, as completing the master bath is our contractor's goal for the week.) After brunch yesterday, I'm now 269 pounds. Given recent history I now likely to hover in the high 260s for the next 7 to 10 days and then find myself suddenly in the low 260s. If I can continue the current rate of progress, I should be down in the neighborhood of 250 by pride weekend, perhaps even a bit lower, but as I am so fond of saying, will see with the passage of time. Both my legs are significantly harder and more muscular than when I started in November. I suspect there's probably somewhere in the vicinity of 5 pounds of muscle added to my frame, & if that's the case, then I've already lost north of 60 pounds of fat.

While I was in the garage I spotted a box labeled "2X bike shorts", which I of course opened. Guess what fits! Now bike shorts are very stretchy and I could physically get into these when I packed them, although more appropriately these would have been labeled tourniquets & not bike shorts. I now have on a pair underneath my regular gym shorts and I'm going to use them on my run today to see how they feel. The weather has gotten good, and I think it's time to attend to fixing up the bicycle this week. The gym is just 4 miles from here and should prove a relatively easy bike ride (famous last words), which in turn will increase my calorie burn. Once upon a time (read college and medical school), I was a bicycle commuter. My rather sudden weight gain started the day I stopped doing that. To be honest one of my pipe dreams is to be able to bicycle around this lake, all 100 miles of it. That's never going to happen unless I start getting back on that time.

Also in the pipeline this week, should be the finishing of my walk in closet, which in turn is going to allow me to really unpack, sort through my clothing, find out what fits, and figure out what goes away. I was at Home Depot last week to pick up the shelving I need for the closet once it's completed. I've got closet maid wire shelving come out with clothes rods built-in to go round two of the four walls of the closet at two different levels there are more shelves to go on the wall with the door to the left hand side to serve for a place for shoes and boots. All I have left to do is to collect my chest of drawers from the old house, so I have placed for sweaters, T-shirts &socks and the like.

I'm excited at the prospect. Not only will this be getting on with life, but also it will be yet another yardstick to measure my progress by. Most of the shirts that I still have hanging in the closet unpacked are 3X. Some of them swim on me. I know for certain it's time to get rid of any 4Xs I still have, and so to likely most of the 3s. I can't wait to start looking through pants. I'm very curious to see if I have any dress clothing that will fit.

Enough navel gazing for now. I need to get my butt to the gym and start moving it, rather than counting my chickens before they hatch.
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Well the goal was to hit the gym daily this week and to get a minimum of half an hour in on the elliptical. Well, my gym has all of three and all were occupied when I got there. I opted instead for a treadmill, which I promptly set for a 15° incline. I went for 50 minutes at 2.5 mph, not a blindingly fast pace, but nonetheless a brisk one to be walking up that steep a hill (I mean incline). According to the machine if it's to be believed, I ascended some 1600 vertical feet in that time. I was pretty well drenched when I was finished, much the way that I am after a run on the elliptical.

I went on to the neck to try and figure out just how many calories were expended & Three different calculators came up with over 880 kcal. None too shabby for an old fat guy.


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