May. 2nd, 2017

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it got up to 89° today. I now sitting in the cool of the porch looking out at the lake. My husband is upstairs, napping.

I split for the gym several hours ago and true to my promise to myself, got my half hour run in. I managed to hit 2 1/2 miles at 29 minutes in, clocking in at 520 kcal, If the elliptical is to be believed. With the hour and a half Spence weeding in the garden, as well as moving the tomatoes to an area where they'll get more sun, I'm up somewhere around 900 cal for the day in exercise.

I know yesterday I said I would probably cover in the upper 260s for the next week to 10 days. Well, I weighed in at 264 1/2 at the gym. I am ecstatic with the change. I am much more comfortable weight-bearing joints wise and I'm comfortable in my own clothing. The closet walls got primed today; I could wind up hanging shelves in there is early as Thursday which would be a godsend.

I found myself going through my journal from earlier this year. It was right after New Year's when I broke through from 300 into the 290s. At the time I wrote that for the first time in next to forever getting back to my normal weight felt like a real possibility and was no longer just a fond fantasy. It appears to me (and perhaps my flatter myself) that I had graduated from "that fat guy" to a guy that's fat. This isn't just semantics. I suspect if anyone were to have described to me previously, fat or obese would have had to have been the first descriptor. I'm sure that for many people asked to describe me it still will be, but at this point, I'm also pretty sure it wouldn't be for all.

Enough navel gazing for now. I have stuff to do.


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