May. 15th, 2017

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It's been a long, & productive day. I'm sitting on the porch swing, enjoying not just the breeze, but just the ability to sit down.

I've been up since just past 6 this morning.

LJ & were at 6s & 7s with each other last night, and annoyed, I went upstairs to lie down. I had no appetite for supper. Not hungry? Then don't eat. As I think about this, I'm smiling. Me? Skipping dinner because I'm not hungry.? Well, that's progress. Once undressed & lying down, I realized just how tired I was & shortly thereafter, I was out cold.

I awoke at 3 briefly, in the midst of a pleasant, but strange dream, turned over & successfully went back, not only to sleep, but back to the same dream. I was still in the midst of it when I awoke this morning. For some odd reason I was in a taxi in I think NYC. I was sharing the cab with a guy who needed me to witness his wedding ceremony which was going to happen right there in the cab. He handed me the wedding rings to hold till the justice of he peace asked for the rings. The one for her looked similar to mine, but smaller and instead of channel set diamonds hers were channel set emeralds, graduated in size to a center stone nearly double the size of the smallest at either end. Like mine, the part of the band towards the palm was solid gold. His was a simple solid gold band. I slid them both onto my left pinky for safe keeping, stones facing my palm. I was signing their wedding license as the witness when I awoke. Once I opened my eyes, the first thing thing I did was to look at my hands, just to be certain I didn't have on any other jewelry, other than my own wedding band. That's how vivid this dream was.

I dressed and slid into a pair of cargo pants. As I reached for my belt, said pants made a run for it and went straight to my ankles. They're 46s and were the only pair of pants I still had upstairs, all the rest having gone into he closet downstairs. I opted for a pair of bike shorts instead. Those, at least, will stay up.

I attacked my closet today, installing more shelving, as well as a clothes rod, all of it for footwear. I have a bunch of boots, which at our old place hung by hooks from copper pipe near the ceiling of my old closet. Getting everything installed directly into studs was crucial for strength and durability, so I took my time getting things just right. I'm happy with the results. After getting things up, I headed out to the barn on a shoe hunt. I'd located on box of boots there yesterday, so I suspected I'd hit pay dirt. I did. I also found more pants, specifically the box of 42's. The dress pants were still to small to wear, but not the jeans. All are now in the closet. I also found a box of XL shirts, plus some even smaller pants which for the time being will remain in the barn. I made a mental note, backed up with a reminder on my phone's calendar to check them again in late July.

I'm excited with change and progress. I feel in some ways like I'm emerging from a chrysalis.


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