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I'll get by with a little help from my friends, or so the lyric goes.

As we were packing up the old place to move out, I took a hard look at our old bed & decided new home, new beginnings, new bed. We've slept in a king size water bed the entirety of our marriage. I acquired one when I arrived in San Francisco, and it was the bed we kept when we moved in together. I guess it was 20 years ago that friends of ours bought a new bed frame & we in turn took their old one, replacing what we were then sleeping in. The old bed had been taken apart numerous times and put back together and it was looking sad, worn, & tired. When I drained the tubes inside the mattress, I found there had been some leakage. There were clear signs of mildew inside the mattress cover. Time to go shopping for a new bed.

With the remodel going on, and our bedroom being one of the rooms to be worked on, we had time to look around for both a bed and mattress. In late February while perusing Craigslist, l came across a bedframe that looked both really pretty, and formidable. It's a pecan wood sleigh bed, a woman was selling because she was now caring for an infant grandchild & her bedroom could not accommodate both the ginormous bed, as well as the infant's crib. She had already gotten rid of the mattress, taken apart the bed, the headboard in her living room, the rest in her garage. I arranged to look at it.

Her home with decorated very tastefully; the only thing she was getting rid of was the bed, not the remainder of her bedroom set which matched. More importantly she was willing to store the bed in the garage for as long as we needed her to, until such time as we could move it. For $400 I bought the bed, which had originally retailed at $4000. A month later, my friend Chris and I were finally able to move the bed, which came here to the property on his trailer. It went directly into the storage container. (Nota Bene: While the bed is still in pieces, most of it is now in the bedroom to be assembled, once David finishes the work on the baseboards today.)

While the purchase of the bed frame solved the problem of what to put a mattress in, it certainly did not solve the problem of the mattress itself. LJ and I have been debating what to get & up until recently, had been leaning towards a memory foam mattress, though not terribly happy about the cost of one, likely to run about $1200, if not more. There are a number of different ones out there, many marketed by the manufacturer directly to the consumer. The upside? Most will deliver to you directly at no added cost, then give you 3 months to decide whether you want to keep the better not. The downside? The less expensive ones don't have any brick-and-mortar stores were you can go in and actually lie on them to see how they feel. Given all the money we are currently spending on the remodel, another $1200 is not exactly something we want to spend right now, if avoidable.

I had mentioned to a few friends that I was looking for a king size mattress and boxspring to see if they had any recommendations on brands. Last Friday a good friend down in Marin called to ask if I was still looking for a mattress. A friend of his had a king size mattress and box spring set he wanted to giveaway. The man's father and stepmother had slept on it for a couple of years before going into an assisted living facility, and since then, it had been sitting in a storage unit, which in turn he was planning to empty by yesterday. It was a firm Simmons beauty rest in good condition. All I had to do was drive down, either to his storage unit in Point Richmond, or he was willing to drop it at my friends place in central Marin, if that would be easier for me. I gratefully indicated the latter and then set about to find a way to go collect said mattress.

Unfortunately, there's no way to get a king size mattress, let alone the box springs into a Prius, even my Prius V. My friend with the trailer was unfortunately tied up and I was unsuccessful in finding anybody that could fix me up with a trailer hitch for the Prius on Saturday. Borrowing the trailer was out. I checked with the various rental places for either a pick up or a van, and while they were available and the rental was only $20 per day, every last location had a mileage fee that was absurd. The best that I could find on short notice, was $1.09 per mile. Given the cost of gas, and the distance, the rental would've cost me somewhere in the vicinity of $400. Fortunately, a local friend was kind enough to offer me the use of his pick up on Monday. My friends in Marin were OK with the mattress sitting in their garage for the weekend, and so Monday morning I went over to my friends place to get his pick up.

What I hadn't counted on, is that my local friend, because of a previous DUI has a breath detector installed in his vehicle, which allows him to drive for work. Using the pick up meant I had to learn how to use the breathalyzer in order to start the car. Moreover, anywhere from every 15 to 30 minutes the breathalyzer beeps at you, and you have to do another breath test. I thought, I can do this. This shouldn't be a problem. Well, learning to operate the breathalyzer was not so simple. It took roughly 8 attempts for me to get it right & actually get the thing to analyze my breath, which of course came back with a blood alcohol level of zero. In the state of California, you're not allowed to hold a cell phone while driving, but there is no such injunction about doing a breath test. Let me simply say it made the trip down and back, um, interesting.

The truck is also tall, with somewhat oversized tires, meaning you have to climb up into the truck. Before returning to the gym last fall, this would have been a challenge. That aspect at least did not prove difficult. I had absolutely no trouble getting in or out.

Once in Marin at my friends place there, I had to figure out how exactly to get the mattress and box springs in to the truck. This beast is equipped with iron racks for construction equipment and materials, & ultimately the boxsprings went into the bed of the truck, one on top of the other, the head of the box springs up on the utility box, the lower end in the truck bed, while the mattress was strapped to the roof rack much the way this truck carries drywall or plywood.

As I write, David is at work in the bedroom finishing up the baseboards. The boxsprings and mattress are on the floor in the center of the room, while the massive headboard is lying on top of the mattress. Early this afternoon, I will wind up putting the bed back together and getting the mattress and box springs into it. Tonight, for the first night of hopefully many, many more to come, my husband and I will cuddle up together in our bedroom, & awake in tomorrow morning to a glorious view of the lake.


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