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I knew Lake country gets hot in the summer, but it's early in the season for it to be this hot so early in the morning. It's now a balmy 98°, but thankfully there's a breeze on my porch. Again the central AC people are here, working on getting our system in, up, & running. Given that it has been as high as 105° here recently & predictions are for 108° later this week, I'm grateful for their work.

I've been up since shortly before seven. Last night's dishes are done, the food plants have been watered, my daily quota of getting at least one box unpacked and either put away or discarded has been met, & I made a light & cold breakfast for LJ and I. In this heat, he didn't balk when I put an iced latte down in front of him. I had the bowl of cherries and raspberries with yogurt I'd portioned out, but didn't eat yesterday morning, while I put out for him a bowl of cold cereal with blueberries, and his standard portion of coffee cake. He had gotten several more pieces of redwood siding on to the back of the house before breakfast, and decided after eating, in this heat to head back to bed.

Since I haven't been doing as much landscaping as is needed recently, due to the heat as well as work within the house itself & the heat here was not too cbad yet I went out into the back 40 with the Weedwhacker and landscaping tools. We have a rather vigorous and somewhat invasive fuzzy bush which has sprung up with a vengeance. I planted a peach tree several months back in the new year which was free of all of the plans except some grass. This unidentified bush, which turns out to have some other unwanted thorns as well was now crowding the peach tree. Well I've pulled out about a quarter of these bushes clearing out an area of about 60 ft.² I need to do some reading about how to get rid of the roots organically. I'm unwilling to use and herbicide why ground up. An hour in this heat was about all I could take. However, I'm realizing why my weight-loss is ongoing. It's now 70 pounds since retiring.

Before coming up onto the porch to chill (so to speak), I decided to get the Roomba started vacuuming. So far I think I'm pleased with the unit, though it's not doing everything I had hoped it would do. The floors are decidedly cleaner, but we have a canine that in spring and early summer sheds a Chihuahua daily. The vacuum is good and getting up dirt and some stray hair, but somehow it manages to wad up balls of hair that it leaves behind scattered about the rugs. These in turn are much easier to pick up than individual here spread out over everywhere. My suspicion is long-term once I program the machine to run daily on its own, it'll get ahead of the amount the dog sheds every day and be more efficient in cleaning. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) Watching the dog eye the vacuum is interesting. He's rather wary of it. He'll look around the corner when he hears it running and when he sees it that the far side of the room and make a dash for the door. This is the same creature that I've had to pull off of the deer that he was determined to make lunch with the poor creature have a misfortune of having a run-in with him in the yard. Frankly I find his reaction to the vacuum almost comical.

Enough navel gazing for now. Got work to do.

Date: 2017-06-21 11:07 pm (UTC)
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A friend of mine swears by boiling water for killing weeds. You have the hassle of figuring out how to get a quantity of boiling water into easy pouring range of the weeds, but it leaves no harmful residue whatsoever.


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