A tiny little break...

Sep. 18th, 2017 11:00 pm
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After yesterday's overtime shift, it meant that today was my one and only day off, before returning to work tomorrow for NINE days in a row...

A fairly laid back day of paperwork and scanning and walking the girls. Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid.

Of course, there was a concert on last night which I missed out on - again. And was actually really REALLY thinking of going to. The first concert at the Enmore Theatre on Saturday night sold out, so there was a second one put on last night. And even finishing at 8.30pm would have given me time to get to the theatre, and bypass the support act, and see Odesza. But sadly, I procrastinated, and missed out.

I didn't realise they'd been around for a while, and I found out about them and their music in a strange way. A water theme park in Kansas or Oklahoma had put a video online somewhere (Vimeo, I think), which I had stumbled across. It had amazing drone and slow motion 4K footage of people sliding down amazing slides and in to pools / lakes / etc. And the music it was set to totally caught my attention, so I actually used a Video to MP3 converter website, and "ripped" the music and added it to my iTunes. And it was quite a few months later that I discovered more amazing music by them.

Oh well...

I actually found the original video! LOVE this tune by Odeza...

Last night, after work, I just happened to be playing with my (soon to be updated!) camera, when Andy came in to the room... So I just snapped a few pics of him. Low light isn't that great on this camera now - especially without any stabilisation. So they're a bit blurry. But Andy liked them, so I put them on his Facebook page, and he used one for a new profile pic... Awwwww.... :-)

When Andy got home from work this arvo, we then went shopping at Woolies in Revesby. We discovered some Pringles on special with 2 AMAZING "Aussie" themed flavours - Chicken Salt for one, and a Meat Pie for the other. And they are.... AMAZING! Chicken Salt is a staple when you buy chips, and it's not even made from any chicken by-product (well, some versions do have an extract). And the meat pie flavoured one tastes JUST like a cheap mince pie that you'd buy at a 7-11 or a football game! LOL


It's ANDY!

So. Friggin'. Delicious!

Soooooooo delicious!

Woo! Sunday overtime!

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:00 pm
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We are BUSY! (Well, understaffed, I suppose...) Overtime on a Sunday used to be rare... But now it seems to be a rather frequent occurrence. I'm not complaining... Cha ching!

So I started at 12.24pm today. The maximum length of shift - which on a Sunday certainly works in my favour!

I had rung Rick yesterday, in L.A., to wish him a Happy Birthday. He had a new phone, so I told him he should install WhatsApp on it, so he did. And after a few messages to him, he sent me the following pic, which I hadn't actually seen before - and I LOVE! It was from our day at Universal Studios, back in late May / early June last year. Dean was working as the wizard in Olivander's Wand Shop in the Harry Potter section of the park that day, and we got to see him in action, but the day in the park was just the 3 of us (Craige was still with me).

Meanwhile, nothing else in iCal or Reminders has been done... LOL

Universal 2016

I really like this pic!

How do you deal with this?

Sep. 16th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Started work at 10.27am today, and because of overtime earlier in the fortnight, today jumps from time and a half to double time... Helloooooo, new camera!

After work yesterday, when I got home, the girls enjoyed some belly rubs. Millie is almost DEMANDING of them now, and Eva is slowly getting used to having them too. Of course, once I start giving Millie tummy rubs, Eva has to come and investigate and be part of the action as well!

Today's shift was pretty uneventful.

Got home and was going through old e-mails, and I came across this one I received from a friend over a year ago. I won't identify them, but I will remember who I got it from... He's such a lovely man, who sadly lost his partner (an older gentleman) a few years ago. It's hard to stay in touch with him, because of my own depression, and because he lives a fair distance north, too.

Here it is, unedited:


I so admire you have achieved

I think I am a reasonable person.

However without sounding sorry for my self, I am also a bad person.

Life has chewed me up.

I just don't have a lot of strength or self belief.

Always been the case.

Some how, I am an easy target and a soft touch.

I tried to fight the systems and unfairness of life.

I tried by volunteering, studying, being there for others, but do not have
the know how or strength to succeed in every day life.

I am not saying this for sympathy just acceptance and reality.

I ride on the coat tails of others.

As much as I now understand and can accept people who suicide as the pain
inside takes over, and leaves you weak, consumes you, I don't even have the
strength to do that.

I just have to acknowledge I have failed and forever suffer the

I am not self medicating, drinking, gambling.

No one, especially those in the field understand

I am one of the LOST people in life.

Always been a worrier, needed stronger people around me.

I hate that at 46, I am a loser and cannot do much that needs to be done

I hate that after trying to be one of the good guys in society, life says it does not matter"

Now he actually did a group e-mail out, so I saw that he sent it to a few people. I do contact him occasionally, and thankfully, he hasn't gone down that path suggested in the e-mail. And he must be still grieving somewhat, although I know he has been seeing another guy for at least the last 2 years now. I certainly hope he's had the help and support he needs. He does sound rather similar to me - except he said he isn't gambling, whereas that was the path I chose for some time. I wonder what coping or avoiding techniques he uses...?

I should give him a call in the next few days. I always call him for his birthday, and he is one of the few people that I actually send a physical Xmas card too (along with a printed copy of my newsletter), just because of the nature of who he is... I also have him in my iCal, as a reminder to go and stay with him (as he has invited me to do). Of course, it's one of those entries that just keeps getting changed and moved and changed and moved... Time for me to lock it in, and not back out...

Belly Rubs

"Oh yeah... that's the spot!"

Belly Rubs

"I love this soooo much!"

Belly Rubs

"May I join in?"

Belly Rubs

"Yes. Me. It's all about me."

The Busy Day Off

Sep. 20th, 2017 08:15 pm
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I took the day off from work since I had a lot of things happening.

First, I had a doctor's appointment with the orthopedist this morning. She took a look at my foot and said I could leave the boot off. I told her that I had taken a few steps without the boot and just had a slight ache from using muscles that had been locked up for a while, but she told me that was normal. She said that in the future, if I started having this pain again, that I didn't need to see her, just use the boot again for a week. It's certainly strange to have a doctor tell me not to come see them, but it makes sense.

I've noticed that my foot has been sore today. I've backed off the ibuprofen because I'm sure my system is sick of it, but I caved tonight before I go to bed.

When I got home, I had a few hours before the cable guy was to show up, so I decided to clean out the car. I cleaned the windows, had Armour All wipes for the dashboard, and brought out the vacuum cleaner to get cloth free of lint and stuff.

There was a bit of time to rest before the cable guy showed. He was a nice ginger cubby named Ben. I tried to sneak a pic, but he was pretty alert. I showed him the severed cable and he agreed that the door installer was an idiot. It took him a whole five minutes to fix it. Since he was here, he checked the cable boxes outside the house for some routine maintenance. There was supposed to be a separate work order (second cable guy) to come and put in a cable line in my spare bedroom, but he never showed. The cable company said that there was no second order, though Ben found it on his tablet, so I'm not sure what happened. They said I'd need a second cable box for the house and it just seemed like too much trouble for the spare bedroom, so I canceled it, since it didn't appear to be happening anyway.

I'll be back at work tomorrow, no boot, so I hope my feet will hold up.


Sep. 15th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Originally, I was working today, but did a swap with another driver to work his Sunday at the beginning of this fortnight, which was a win! But then I got allocated overtime for today, which was another win! I still had 3 days off, got an extra day in, gained a Sunday... Cha ching! (It's sad that I focus on money so much, isn't it!!!?)

It was a GLORIOUS day, weather-wise here in Sydney, and I had a great job. Had to drive a train to Hornsby, and due to major construction taking place up there, and the closure of a number of storage roads in the maintenance centre, trains were then having to be taken empty all the way back to North Sydney, and then down to the storage roads at Lavender Bay. Before the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and it's rail crossing in to the underground, this was the main line for the North Shore, and it terminated at the old Milsons Point Station, where commuters would then board a ferry for the short crossing across the harbour to the city.

It's now used for daytime storage of trains during off-peak hours. They don't store there overnight, or on weekends, as the site isn't super secure, so the trains would be a target for graffiti vandals. So after reaching Hornsby, it was a drive to North Sydney, change ends, and in to the shunting "neck" behind platform 2 at Waverton Station, and then change ends again to traverse the old track down the hill to the storage location.

And it was SUCH a glorious day here... The next part of my diagram was to travel as a passenger from North Sydney Station (which involves walking up a VERY steep hill!), back to Central, to have my break, before continuing some driving in the afternoon. But I decided to walk to the ferry terminal, and catch a ferry across to Circular Quay, and change to a train for the 3 stops back to Central. The Luna Park wharf is being upgraded (they actually had a crane collapse in to the harbour there the other week!), so I had to continue walking (exercise and sunshine!) around to Jefferson Street wharf, and wait for the ferry there. Even with that extra time, I still had plenty of time for my lunch break before driving the rest of my shift. (Which wasn't much).

And on a day like today, after such a long time between visits to Lavender Bay, I just HAD to take some pics... So I did. And other than today at work, not much else was achieved, but it didn't really matter after such a lovely shift!

Glorious Sydney

There's possibly an iconic Sydney landmark in this picture... ;-)

Glorious Sydney

Yaaaay for panorama mode!

Glorious Sydney

Cute art

Glorious Sydney

3 Sydney icons! LOL

Glorious Sydney

More art

Glorious Sydney

The journey...

Glorious Sydney

Circular Quay / Sydney Harbour panorama

And another "No Show" from me!

NSFW Sep. 14th, 2017 11:00 pm
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

Another day off...

Sep. 13th, 2017 11:00 pm
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...and, as usual, it really wasn't that productive.

Again, I have that list of items in my reminders AND in iCal, of all the things I could and should be doing. And none of them were ticked off. Oh dear...

Actually, I just remembered that over the past few months, I've noticed an unusual behaviour that seems relatively new to me. And that's when I'm concentrating, such as playing one of my games, or even sitting here, writing journal entries like this, that I have a tendency to stick my tongue between my lips - to the point where it's almost protruding. And I actually have started to get a bit worried about that, because I thought it might be the precursor to some sort of physical neurological illness such as Parkinson's, or Alzheimers, or a form of MS or something scary like that. I certainly hope not.

Of course, I decided to go ahead an Google that symptom, and ended up with a plethora of links and information.

The first link I found was a relatively old one, from 2 years ago, funnily enough on a website called "Explain Like I'm Five" - which makes me laugh, because sometimes I feel like a big kid trapped in an adults body. It mentioned that licking the lips can be a sign of nervousness, but mine is more just a still tongue between my lips. Probably the comment that stood out the most, and hopefully is what's happening in my case, is "Motor Overflow", and a sign of concentration. I certainly hope that's my issue. You can find the link HERE!!!

Another good answer, which gives me some sense of relief, was found on the Science Focus website, and basically says that because the tongue has so many functions, most of which are controlled subconsciously, that we put it between our lips to keep it still, and give us slightly more power to be able to concentrate. Which in itself is quite interesting. It was a quick, succinct answer, which you can read about HERE!!!

Oh, one of the iCal entries I kept delaying and delaying was to buy tickets to see "Walk Off The Earth" perform at The Enmore Theatre, WAY back on July 27th. But I never kept my eye on the date, so kept moving it and moving it and moving it... Until I ended up missing out. Of course, it was probably due to having no money and/or working that evening, combined with the fact that it was only a slight interest in seeing them live. But when they had their "breakout" hit with their cover of Gotye's song, "Somebody I Used To Know", I certainly started to see them pop up on social media a lot more.

I found a link to their setlist from the concert that night HERE!!! It was interesting to see that they didn't perform that initial hit for them in it's entirety, but rather as part off a medley, towards the end of their show. I suppose it would have been a good concert to see though...

WOW! Almost 180 MILLION views!!!


Maybe I SHOULD have gone... not just for the music! If you know what I mean... Helloooooo, Mister Beardy on the far left!!!

(no subject)

Sep. 19th, 2017 04:14 pm
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Budapest / Bullet Holes; 6774
© Bill Pusztai 2017

Hitting the scanning...

NSFW Sep. 12th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Technology and photography...

NSFW Sep. 11th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Chilly nights...

Sep. 10th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Even though spring is in the air, and the days are warming up, the nights (especially on these clear days), are still pretty nippy...!!! The evening temps (before bedtime) are hovering around 13ºC (55ºF), and dropping down to around 8ºC (46ºF) in the wee hours of the morning...

Thank goodness for an electric blanket, and central heating (and reverse cycle air conditioning, too!)

Started work at 8.32am this morning, which was an hour earlier than I was meant to, but with short staffing and track work, my diagram got changed. And extra kilometres too, so every little bit adds up. I've made a decision to treat myself to a new Olympus DSLR - and eBay just announces a 20% OFF sale, with selected retailers - including one that is selling the OMD EM-10 Mk II. So I'm just keeping an eye on that. But with all the overtime, and finally catching up on bills and dental costs, I may finally be able to get the camera.

Sitting down this evening at the iMac, and the girls were just chilling out on the couch. They looked a little cold, so I put one of my blankets on them. I don't need it now, as I put my electric blanket on the bed in preparation for winter this year! Normally, they last about 10 minutes under the blanket before getting bored (or too warm), and head upstairs or to have some food. But they stayed there for some time - I think they were rather cozy... LOL

Warm and Toasty

Sooooo spoilt!

(no subject)

Sep. 19th, 2017 11:41 am
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from the train window between Munich and Saltzberg; 6553
© Bill Pusztai 2017

from the train window between Munich and Saltzberg; 6629
© Bill Pusztai 2017

from the train window between Munich and Saltzberg; 6722
© Bill Pusztai 2017


NSFW Sep. 9th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Started work at 9.28am today, for a shift which involved taking a train to be stabled at Lavender Bay for off-peak time.

Because they're doing major changes to the Hornsby Interchange / Station, they've actually ripped up the 2 main tracks in and out of the maintenance centre, so are down to 1 track, which goes across the main running line, so can't be used too frequently, as it would hold up normal rail traffic. Suburban, Inter-urban, and freight. So a lot more trains are being taken down to Lavender Bay, which can accommodate 6 trains. It actually used to be the main rail line in the 1910s up to the early 1930s, before the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932. The trains would terminate here, and people would then transfer on to a short ferry ride across to the city.

Anyway, they now have Luna Park there, but we still have daytime / weekday storage there for times like this. It's prime real estate, of course, but I don't think they'll ever build anything there because of all the exisiting multi-million dollar apartments on the cliff right behind there. Plus access to the harbour / marina, etc.

Anyway, I did such a good job with pulling this train up to the buffer stop at Waverton Station (behind the platform, so we can change ends and drive down to the bay, as there's no longer a direct entrance), that I had to take a pic. Remember - this is a 500 tonne train, going up a slight incline, that needs to come to a stop just before the buffer. I don't think I could get any closer than this!

And then, later in the day, I had to take a train from the platform at Hornsby Station, in to the yard, change ends, and then form a service to the city for afternoon peak. Walking through the train, I came across a passenger that shouldn't have been in there...!!! And he had to stay in there for the 40 minutes or so, as we're not meant to open the doors in the yard. I could have told the cleaner to remain seated until we had done so (so he didn't accidentally fall out if leaning on a door!), but the pigeon seemed to be quite unfazed by the adventure. In fact, when I checked the cameras about 10 minutes later, it took me a while to find him. He (or she), had managed to walk through 2 more carriages, AND gone upstairs, and was perched on one of the seats! What a laugh!

Some entertainment for my day... :-)

Perfect Parking

Can't do much better than this!

Tickets please!

And just where do you think YOU'RE going!!!? ;-)

Tickets please!

Ticket check!

Cooking (and such)

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:10 am
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I'm working on a post about the wedding reception, but I did a bunch of cooking this weekend.

Yesterday, after some weapons training in the morning, I got over to the Westminster Farmer's Market (72nd & Sheridan) and discovered that they have a stand from a farm that will let you fill a big bag with whatever produce you want for $10. AND that they take cash, check, or credit card! Hooray for little credit card readers that plug into a smartphone! (I only wish I'd thought to ask before I spent 15 minutes looking for the phantom 7-11 across the street that supposedly one had a credit union ATM in it but no longer exists.) That plus regular grocery shopping netted me a bunch of things to cook.

I got a bunch of mini eggplants, which I roasted and turned into traditional Romanian eggplant salad (salata de vinete, I guess?). It's more of a puree or dip. Unusual flavor profile. Tasty, but not sure it's worth the substantial amount of work involved. It might want less flavorful olive oil than I used.

I also got a bunch of little cucumbers, which I did the Indian treatment of (since it's quick and easy) and we took them and the eggplant dip to Tim's birthday party this afternoon. We helped put together a table for their backyard, and spent a long time blowing bubbles for the dogs to chase and eat. (Their pitbull would have chased them until she keeled over. So cute!)

I was thinking about doing something with the tomatoes, but instead I've just been eating them sliced with salt.

I got a great big head of purple cabbage to make into quick sauerkraut to make the sauerkraut-and-bratwurst casserole thing. A bunch of little apples went in there, too. I only used half of it for kraut (and burned a little onto the bottom of the pan, boo), so tonight I used the rest of it for Indian slaw. More popping mustard seeds in hot oil, yay!

I thought there was something else, but maybe it was just cooking myself breakfast this weekend.

Other stuff: Games Night Thursday; we played a cooperative WWI survival game called "The Grizzled" and managed to not die. Also a super-fast new version of Race for the Galaxy, which I liked. (I can't play the regular game non-virtually anymore, because about 70% of the time on turn 2 I can tell I'm going to lose...)

Municipal board meeting Wednesday. I have concluded that what I can best contribute to the group is detail-oriented impetus to actually get shit done rather than just talking about things forever and ever. I remember back in grad school hanging out with folks at the Ranch, and we'd decide that, yeah, food should probably happen, and then an unbounded discussion about where to get dinner would begin until either Karen or I (or sometimes both of us) would yell "Everybody get up! We're going! We're going now! Stand up! We are leaving the house to get food!" to get everybody moving. So now I get to do the same thing but for forming committees.

Roleplaying-focused Unmunchkin last Sunday, followed by a big dinner with Chris & Todd & friends downtown at Sam's #3. (They were in town to celebrate their anniversary, yay!)

Also, I trimmed off the muttonchops, so now I just have an underlip tuft and a long, long mustache. Walgreen's started selling Pinaud mustache wax again, so I have been waxing it every day. We'll see how long it lasts before I get fed up with it. Monkey trimmed off the wizard beard and is back to just the friendly muttonchops.

Weekend Update

Sep. 17th, 2017 08:57 pm
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It's been a fairly active weekend, so here's a summary of everything that went on:

  • Friday I called the cable company and set up a repair visit. They could have done it over the weekend, but I have to take Wednesday off, so I scheduled it for then. And the repair will be free believe it or not. I still plan on giving the installer company a good chewing out. While it isn't costing me anything, the annoyance of being without cable in my bedroom for nearly two weeks has sucked

  • Saturday was a Cincinnati MovieBears outing to see "IT." It was a beautiful night and it was good see the guys. Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie, which I've now seen twice. I imagine that clowns will be a popular this Halloween.

  • Brian ([profile] cincycub) brought me a wonderful gift. While he was at Market Days this year, he bought me three issues of "How to Kill A Superhero," by Pablo Greene, autographed to me. According to the author's website, www.howtokillasuperhero.net, the novels tell the story of Roland, a young man who is changed forever by an occult book that grants its reader dangerous but seductive superpowers. It involves some superheroic bondage, which is very enticing. I was so thrilled with them, I hugged Brian twice. I look forward to reading them. The author is very much into superheroes, spandex, and singlets. I can relate :)

  • Sunday was mostly home stuff. I mowed the yard (by removing the boot and wearing the ankle guard), did laundry, and finished a retirement cartoon for a co-worker. It did wear me out a bit.

  • Tonight is the series finale of "The Strain." I'm curious to see how our heroes defeat the Strigoi (the vampires). It's been a very interesting show, with some cute leads. After the last season where Zach set off a nuke and gave the vampires reign over the world, I'm kind hoping he gets offed. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch it.

  • My next doctor's appointment is Wednesday. I sincerely hope I'm done with the boot. I need to get back into working out, as my lower body and mid-section are seriously out of shape.

Sexy woofers...

Sep. 7th, 2017 11:00 pm
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An 11.50am start today... It was meant to be 9.50am, but due to all the short-staff shift changes, I got moved to the later time. So I get paid for the shift, AND for the 2 hours of time difference due to my roster being changed after being posted. And a few extra kilometres too, adds to the shift penalties.

But not much else happened today...

I have this collection of photos I've been meaning to share. They're either picked up from e-mails that my friend "Jasmine" sends to me, or sometimes from a link I follow on FB or G+. I don't have a Tumblr account any longer, and actually very rarely look there. I'm not too sure where the 2 photos of this guy came from, but they had his first name (well, I presume it's HIS name) attached to them, so I can only presume that IS his name.

Of course, looking for him on Facebook under that one first name only ends up with 100s of results - including quite a few listings of guys where I have a substantial number of "mutual friends" - but none of those profiles seem to be him.

Well... how spooky. I just tried agin. This time I typed in the name of the photographer in the watermark, and a few photos of this guy were the first to pop up, and his name IS Jacinto. Jacinto Caetano, and he appears to live in London. Damn it. Of course, I've "poked" him, and used the new "wave hello" feature too. He's just lovely... That furrrrr!!

Jacinto C


Jacinto C


(no subject)

Sep. 17th, 2017 06:45 am
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the Aspark Owl; 1396
© Bill Pusztai 2017

Well, I'm in Europe. Frankfurt right now. It's all a bit overwhelming, largely due to the jetlag which is really kicking my ass. We have completed shooting the auto show and spent some time yesterday sightseeing.

Frankfurt, pollarded sycamores by the river; 6350
© Bill Pusztai 2017

More later.

The Stolen Bike Dream

Sep. 16th, 2017 10:09 am
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While my foot heals, my doctor gave me a muscle relaxing medication so I could sleep with this bum foot of mine. I think it might be the cause of a very strange dream I had.

I had ridden my bicycle to a local shopping center to meet some friends and watch a parade. I parked the bike in a small parking space next to another bike and met with friends. While we were talking, I happen to notice a family giving my bike some attention, to the point where their 14-year-old daughter sit on it.

The mom picked up the bike and began walking away with it. Her directional sense was off though, as she started walking right toward me. I stopped her and asked where she was taking MY bicycle. She said it wasn't mine, that she had given it away to charity and wanted it back. I followed her and her daughter into a jewelry store where an unassuming man in a suit seemed surprised to see us.

She told the man that the bike was hers. She explained that she had given it away to charity and wanted it back. I told the man, who apparently was ambushed as an uninvolved third party, that I had bought it at a flea market for $80 and that if she had surrendered it to a charity, she no longer has a claim to the property.

The man was getting his checkbook out and was going to write me a check for $80, presumably to get rid of us. I asked the woman how she knew it was her daughter's former bike. I asked if she recognized any damage that looked familiar, or if she had written her name on it somewhere. The daughter said no and the mother was unsure. I stated then that she could not guarantee that it was her former bike and couldn't take it from me. The man stopped writing the check, giving up on being involved in the crazy.

The woman seemed reluctant to continue and her husband and son then walked into the store. I was getting ready for another argument, when I woke up.

And, by the way, the bike was small and pink. Yes, this was the bike I'd bought and whose ownership I was defending.

In the words of Mr. Mackay from "South Park," "Ummm... drugs are bad...m'kay..."

Random shit...

Sep. 15th, 2017 06:00 pm
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Sometimes I come across a news article or a link on Facebook, or the ABC News website, or Google+, etc., that warrants further investigation.

I don't know why... Probably boredom, or something piqued my interest...

I think you'll be able to guess what caught my eye about this gentleman. He actually appeared in an article about a guy who got involved with dealing drugs, and was giving him a character reference, as the guy in question was a prominent popular member of the community.

I don't know what it is - I know the beard has something to do with it, but I seem to have quite the attraction to older Jewish rabbis. I wish some of them were openly gay, and looked like this guy! And he's here in Sydney, too. Maybe I have to head over to the Eastern Suburbs and do some stalking...

I know. I'm shameless.


Admit it - you'd do him, too!

Rabbi Ulman

Hello, Rabbi Daddy!


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