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We got back from the mainland to late to book the trip to the Blue Hole today, so that will happen tomorrow; given that we moved our night snorkel of the barrier reed to tonight. A very different experience from doing in day light.


May. 16th, 2009 01:09 pm
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After Cahal Pech we stopped for lunch along the road. Humble places to eat seem to be all over. Locals appear to prefer to eat at the tables outside, but fair-skinned visitors often retreat into the shaded safety inside. Our tour guide whisked us in before any of us souls have the temerity to do anything else. The place inside was cavernous and dark. After a moment my eyes adjusted to where I could see a couple of tables in his otherwise huge empty room. We asked for water. They were out. Cokes then for the ladies, Fanta for Tom, a Bellikan (local beer) for me. Over rice & beans with a small piece of chicken we asked about one another, how a nurse from Okla. & a calif. doc befriended me another. The girls had grown up together in Alaska. Where? Wasilla.


"um, did you know the former mayor there?"
"sure did! Sarah used to baby sit me when I was a little kid. Todd used to come over and they would make out on the couch."
"how old were you?"
"five I think."

I think my jaw dropped. I'm sure she noticed because she quickly added,"they're just people!"
Tom, who's gotten used to being a tiny speck of blue in a sea of red, asked if she had supported Palin in the last election. With a toothy smile, she replied, "absolutely. She's wildly popular in Alaska."
It was then that her friend who now lives in Seattle chimed in. "I think she's a crock."
I smiled and thought, "you go girl!"
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Everything hurts this morning. No. Not everything, but enough that it's going to be a day of just hanging and not doing much.

I wore my water shoes yesterday; cave tubing down the Sebud River was on tap for the afternoon. While this pair had proven comfortable in the water, on grass, and on sand (read here flat surfaces), they were not made for what I did with/to them yesterday. This morning my thighs, calves and gluts ache from the muscle exertion (which on one level is actually a good kind of ache); however, my right ankle is not a happy camper and the blister at the base of my left great toe feels like it's the size of a half dollar instead of the dime size it is in reality. It's not as bad as I had expected it to be this morning. Last night, after sitting down for a bit on our return from the mainland, when I stood my ankles, feet and right knee screamed at me in one nasty chorus, "sit your bloody ass back down now, you idiot!"

Mercifully, Tom went out to fetch some supper.

We were out the door at 6 AM on Friday to the dock for the 6:30 water taxi to Belize City. Sitting opposite from us were two young beefy women we recognized from our snorkel/sail excursion on Wed. The were to be our travel partners for the day. They tour company had bundled us to save gas; all of us were going to Xunantunich, the Mayan ruin (aka the "stone maiden") right on the Guatamalan border in Cayo district. It was a short hike up the hill to the ruins, and after seeing all we could see in the central plaza it was time to climb the main temple. I thought the Maya were supposed to be a short people. The steps are both steep and tall. Each are roughly double or more in height of we are used to in the States. The top of the temple is a couple of hundred feet. Definitely not for the feint of heart, nor any acrophobes in your midst. I initially begged off, sending the others on ahead with the tour guides. My right knee cap has been bothering me as of late & I did not want to hold them up. Once they were out of my sight (read that as I was out of theirs), I started my ascent at my own pace, climbing to the 'mezzanine' midway up the pyramid. There the steps became even steeper & as this level circled the temple, giving me access to all 360 degrees of vistas, this semi-acrophobe had gone high enough. Besides, with my knee bothering me the challange was not so much getting up, but down. I waited at that level for my compatriots.

We continued on to a second ruin at Cahal Pech, again up and down steep, excessively tall steps, though not to the heights of the first site. After another hour it was off to get some food and our next adventure.

More to folllow. The iPhone needs charging & I need some coffee.
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Tom and I headed up island today and took an all day snorkeling tour. The boat left at 10:30 (or so, it's island time after all) and headed out to the reef. This is the second largest barrier reef in the world, second only to Australia's. Took a sailboat out with 8 French 20-somethings on holiday, a couple of German 30-somethings, and four Americans, two of whom you know, one of them particularly well in fact.

We swam with manatees, watched our guide wrestle with a nurse shark, petted a sting ray, and shadowed a sea turtle. I have some fabulous pictures. The water is clear, and provides a stunning visual of what exists below the surface. Tom is unfortunately fried to a crisp, while I fared much better. The UV blocking dive shirt I acquired is a Godsend; worth every penny of the $30 I spent on it. Between that and my 70 spf, I'm none the worse for wear. The boat was due back at 4:30; we got back almost 2 hours after that. We more than got our money's worth at $85BZ ($42.50usd).

Tomorrow we're thinking of heading to the mainland for the Mayan Ruins at Atun Ha (sp?) and cave tubing down a jungle river. More tomorrow.

By the way, after all day in and out of that boat, I still feel like I'm rocking back and forth.

Love you madly and miss you muchly,
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I need a vacation, dammit.

My husband and I were supposed to be going to Belize next month. We've already paid for the room in a guesthouse, sharing a place with a number of other gay men, most notable of which is Tom ([livejournal.com profile] mrtomcat). My husband is painfully shy amongst the people he does not know, and to boot is likely to be in court (he's an attorney) immediately upon our return; ergo, he is not going.

The prospect of going without him does not appeal to me, but the prospect of not taking a break when I need it has even less appeal. I need a break, and I need a 'Tom-fix'. So one month from today I will be packing, and heading off to the airport at Oh,God:30 for 6:20 AM flight to Dallas, where I will meet Tom and catch a second plane onto Belize. This time has already announced he and I will be lounging poolside sipping Mai Tais, while the other men in the house are hopping from bed to bed. So be it. I intend to spend a lot of this trip face down in the water with fish (and a snorkel) & snorkeling is not my husband's favorite activity.

Now, where did I put my passport?


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