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This has been an odd week with some strange dreams.

Just past midnight in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the call came from my patient that was due on Thursday. Aliyah was not going to wait until the 4th and so I had them come to L&D. Given that this was her first, I tried to do the sensible thing and go back to sleep, not that I do that all that well when someone is laboring. I was rewarded with a vividly real nightmare of another patient who I have taken care of through two previous pregnancies (and more importantly, someone who is NOT currently with child), who, in my dream, was 7 months along into an extrauterine pregnancy, something quite rare and extraordinarily dangerous. To add insult to injury, she had a plastic viewing screen implanted into her abdominal wall, which allowed you to actually see said 7 month fetus floating there amidst her vital organs. The screen was rather precariously attached to boot. I was quite grateful to have L&D actually call me at 4 am and pull me out of this nightmare. I think the RN was rather puzzled to have me thank her so profusely for calling.

There have been a couple of other odd dreams since, but none quite so vivid.

Now this morning I awoke at 5 and toddled off to the bathroom, only to find something blackish-brown and quite dead, underneath the sink. Mighty hunter was fast asleep on top of my chest of drawers. In 5 years, this is his first winged trophy, at least the first he has brought into the house, so I'm not too upset about it. I just hope this small victim was not sitting on a brood. I disposed of the small avian carcass and went back to bed. I still need to vacuum up all the feathers, which were all over the bathroom floor.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] a childhood dream of travel was to see Venice. The city rising out of the water captured my imagination. I finally made it there at 48.

I was enchanted & hope to visit there again at least once more before I shuffle off this mortal plane.
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After the enticing dream so rudely cut short by the alarm yesterday morning, I attempted to return to that dream last night, then again this afternoon, when I decided I needed a well deserved nap. Sadly, both attempts were to no avail.

While the dream was very hot indeed, I'm even more curious to see where it would have gone beyond the sexual encounter, particularly as I have met one of the two men in my dream, here in my waking life. Can't say I know him well, nor had I previously even in random thoughts, imagined him as a playmate.

An even odder thought comes to me now; if he's managed to invade my subconscious, I wonder if I've managed to invade his?


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