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Well, this looks like an encouraging week on eBay. Between Sunday and yesterday I put up a total of 16 auctions. As of 20 minutes ago, there are bids on half of them, several with multiple bids. Already I'm at almost $200 in bids, with much time to go before auctions close. This is a very good thing.

I'm jazzed.
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EBay follow up…

I'm less than 24 hours into seven 7-day auctions, & already there were bids on four of them, one having three bids already. I'm hoping that this week's crop proves significantly more fruitful than last & given that I'm almost there in less than 24 hours, this has promise.

I have another nine listings opening at 7:30 tonight.

I knew that the cowboy boots would sell, but to my surprise the very first auction that sold was a pair of shoes Birkenstock USA sold prior to their Footprint line. Given that, this week I put up 4 pairs of of Birks. When I unpacked 4 boxes this past weekend, I found 2 pair that had never been worn (wrong width), and two pair that I was going to bring to Goodwill. As I was finishing my listings today, I looked at these two pairs and decided to list them together as a lot for $5 as an opening bid. We'll see what happens.
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In leaving our old place, it became extremely clear to me just how much of a pack rat I am. This was not news to me; I've had that epiphany before. I've previously resolved to declutter my life and nest, & sadly failed to keep the effort sustained. We were in Hawai'i a decade ago staying at a friend's spartan condo. It's sparsely furnished really just the essentials. After 10 days there and feeling freed of life's detritus, I resolved to get rid of something inessential daily, until such time as I was free of clutter. Nice thought, but my follow through waned in a couple of months. Just not my nature. I grew up in a home that had 5 full sets of dishes, each one a service for 12. The acorn didn't fall far from the tree.

However, nothing makes you confront yourself on the issue of clutter like moving.
I did an initial sort, knowing much more would get jettisoned after we moved. Many things got packed into boxes labeled with a "$". These were items to be listed on eBay, or sites similar. I finally started getting that done.

The first 7 items listed, 6 pair of cowboy boots and a pair of shoes have all sold and been shipped. What I brought in was less than I'd hoped for, but I'm not saying now to almost $120. I beats driving over to the good will. I listed another 7 auctions yesterday and this week looks like it'll be more remunerative. In just 24 hours three items have seen bids, one of them twice, and 3 more have watchers, one pair of boots a half dozen.

I was out in the garage early today gathering boxes to go through. I found 2 boxes of my good, everyday pots, and frypans, my woks (yeah, I've got two. One large and one small. What part of 5 sets of dish did y'all miss?), pizza stone, and Dutch oven, all of which got put away. I also found a box of shoes and a box of boots the latter with $$ on it. The upshot is I'll have another 9 items up for auction tomorrow (7 pair of boots and 2 pair of Birkenstocks). I've got drafts of the items already uploaded to eBay. In the morning, I'll get things polished and photos uploaded.

I'm also listing neck ties. I inherited a pile of them from Pop when he passed away. I'll hold on to some of them, and the ones of lesser quality have already gone to the thrift, but the lion's share will be listed for sale
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They are our times I think I'm out of another era.

I learned to sew when I was a kid, not a major surprise given that both my grandfathers were tailors. My favorite of the three machines I have is my treadle (circa 1914). For gods sake, the thing will sew through leather, and works whether we have power or not & given where we live, where electricity can be spotty during the rainy season, that's a good thing.

I grew up very close to my grandparents. Now while none of them were Luddites, they did not jump to new technology if the old stuff is still working functionally. I don't think any of them ever replaced the ancient heavy Bakelite wall phones in their apartments. My father joked they constituted a defensive weapon. The image of my 4'10" grandmother, turned Valkyrie, handset swinging by its cord above her head is something I've never ever been able to shake out of my head!

In our family milestones were often marked by a like a fine pen or a gold watch. When my folks got engaged, mom's parents gave my father a gold Longine, which he wore the day they got married (and which I wore when LJ and I exchanged our vows). My uncle gave me a Cross desk set when I finished college and my parents gave me a Mont Blanc rollerball when I graduated from medical school.

behind the cut, unadulterated pen geekery, including photos )


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