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Childbirth takes a lot out of me.

No, nothing like the mom, but really, either the child is born in the middle of the night, or the mother is in labor during the middle of the night. Either way, I'm up in the middle of the night.

The lady I delivered on Friday, I thought would likely deliver right after I finished work on Thursday. Mother nature however had other plans. Now for most women, 3 previous deliveries will post a sign on the inside of the cervix that reads, "This way out." Such was not the case for this lovely lady. She required antibiotics, an epidural and pitocin to complete the blessed event. The birth was at 2:15 am, and by the time the sewing, the baby exam and all the paperwork was done, it was already 4. Add a half hour drive to get home, plus a quick shower, and it was 10 minutes of five before I slid between the sheets.

My eyes rolled open at 9:18. I was dressed and walking out the door 12 minutes later. Keep in mind, my first morning patient was at 9:30, and there is that sticky issue of a 30 minute drive.

I called my office manager from the road and said I was likely not going to last the day. I thought I was clear in asking her to lighten up my afternoon, so I could head home early. At 2:35, seeing my 3rd person of the afternoon, it dawned on me that the afternoon had NOT been truncated.

By 4, I was fading faster than a bad dye job.

I was home at 7, in bed at 7:30 and out cold at 7:35. In that order, at least I think.
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And the 3rd is now in progress. I'm off to bed, while malware bytes is running in windows safe mode. If this one doesn't work there is one more potential fix for me to try, but that won't happen until tomorrow night.

In his mildly febrile semi-stupor, my husband just murmered his thanks & asked me to come to bed. That's one request I'm only too happy to comply with.
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Mid-day yesterday I hit the wall & was out cold faster than you can say "where's Weaver?"

Easter weekend always has plans, but this one was busier than most. Easter dinner was Saturday instead of Sunday. We've spent Easter dinner with our god-children for a dozen years now; to do otherwise is unthinkable. This year Chris & Daren are taking the girls up to the snow for the week so we did the big family dinner thing a day early. Dan & Melissa ([livejournal.com profile] donkeygirl06), rather than drive back to Mendocino decided to overnight with us and awaken in the redwoods, something I wish they did more often, given how much we enjoy each other's company.

Patrick ([livejournal.com profile] healerpatrick) is now renting our granny unit & threw a bash to celebrate his big 5-0 yesterday. I was up relatively early to fix us all b'fast, I mean nothing like guests to have an excuse to cook, right? So by 9 I had a meal on the table for Mel & Dan, Patrick & Gabe ([livejournal.com profile] gabecentric, who was visiting Patrick), plus my husband & I. Then it 't'was get the kitchen cleaned up and make some fire brownies for Patrick's shindig. Nevermind that I had only had 5 hours of sleep. That I can usually handle, but not yesterday.

Once the brownies were cooled, cut & onto plates, I carried them up the hill to the gazebo where the band was setting up. Spent 20 minutes or so blowing up balloons, & then walked a guest back down the hill to the house to direct them to the bathroom. Sat down in one of the oversized library chairs in the greatroom & in very short order was out cold. My husband came along sometime thereafter and put me to bed.

I awakened late afternoon, a bit disoriented, but feeling better, just in time to help clean up.

(Sigh) So much for helping a dear friend mark his 50th.
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I scored a copy of "Michael Tolliver Lives" yesterday afternoon. A friend mentioned that he had seen the book being carried at Costco so it merited a stop for the book and a fast hotdog for lunch. I was in Santa Rosa, having made the journey across county to go to a house sale of a friend who is now planning to move into smaller digs. I had hoped to snag a couple of nicer gifts for two of my nephews who have recently graduated from college, but no such luck. There were two books that tickled me no end, which I pocketed for the exorbitant price of one dollar. The late Molly Ivins book "Shrub" which I'd seen an excerpt of some time back and decided I should read, plus a book of parody news articles from "The Onion" that have graced their pages over the last dozen years or so. On the front cover, was an article titled "Clinton deploys vowels to Bosnia - town of Grznc first in line to receive aid". There was no way for me to pass that one up, but then grandma's last name was one of those near impossible Eastern European names for most Americans to pronounce. You had to go six letters in to get to the first vowel and it was a "Y".

So these three volumes, along with Michael Chabin's "The Yiddish Policemen's Union" (a novel whose premise is, what would have happened had the State of Israel not been established and instead most of the Jews fleeing Europe in the 30s and 40s landed in coastal Alaska instead?) and Al Gore's "The Assault on Reason" currently grace my nightstand. Now the only catch is I have to be alert enough when I go to bed actually open one of these books without passing out.


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