May. 22nd, 2013 01:47 pm
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I stopped cutting my hair almost 25 years ago. I missed having long hair and just decided one day to see what would happen and how long it would get. Well, it goes to roughly the middle of my back, and sadly, no further. Unfortunately, as I have aged, the hair in front appears to have a significantly shorter amount of time that it will grow, and as a result what's up in front is not long enough to get around to the nape of my neck, to get tied back. That I have a ginormous head does not help matters and as my hair on top of it all is baby fine, leaves me with wisps of it always out of place.

Option 1) cutting it short - not currently willing to go there.
Option 2) the two barrette solution - one smaller one placed high on the back of my head and the second at the nape of my neck. This is what generally my solution
Option 3) a french braid - to my eye this is the most elegant of solutions, but I am not coordinated enough to be able to do one myself on my hair (nor anyone else for that matter). Currently my office manager and friend, Oana, sits my butt down the moment I walk into my office and throws a braid into my hair when I walk in to work. Below are the results of yesterday and today. The 1st is with the braid 'in', the second 'out'.

Now that the weather has gotten warm again, it allows me to have my hair loose in the early morning, protecting my neck and ears from the sun, until I arrive at the office, and thereafter, gets my hair back, out of my way and off of my neck.

I need to learn how to do this myself I think.
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Yesterday, just before she left for the day my medical assistant asked if I wanted to see what I would look like with straight hair. I remembered my discomfort a few months back when I felt like I was channeling Golda Meir. So I said, "sure why not."

I have unruly, curly, uberfine auburn hair that decidedly has a mind of it's own. I never really know how tight the curl will be at any given day. It's long, but because of it's curl most don't realize just how long. I keep it tied back most of the time.

I was tied up at the hospital most of the morning, then had some shopping for Mom's birthday (Monday she turns 79). I arrived at the office while everyone save my medical assistant was at lunch. Out came her flat iron. Five minutes later I had straight hair. I got asked by several people if I had trimmed my beard, or dropped some weight thus afternoon. Two people commented they hadn't realized how long my hair was, but no one realized it had been straightened. The end in back are 3-4" north of my waist, instead of hanging between my shoulder blades.

Now I can hear [ profile] furrbear asking for pictures. I will try to get some up tomorrow. I think I like it this way. I'm just not sure I'm up to using a flat iron on a reglar basis.


Apr. 2nd, 2009 11:23 pm
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The room was warm & so as we watched Olberman I pulled off my shirt. A moment ago, I stretched & arched my back and as I stretched I felt my hair graze my waist. My waist! OMG!!
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My husband had to get up early today. At 5:45 I found myself awake & there was no getting back to sleep. Half awake, I sat up & pulled out my pigtails, pulled a brush thru my locks, then tied my hair back & padded off to the bathroom. Contacts rinsed & in, I looked into the mirror.

Tied back, & parted in the middle, there was all this fuzz around my head giving me this frizzy, unkempt look that somewhere I had seen before. But where? It looked annoyingly familiar. Then it hit me. This is what Golda Meir's hair did when it was tied back (which was always).

This was not a good realization. My first impulse was to buzz everything off. Fortunately, I'm not one to act rashly when it comes to grooming while first awake. I learned my lesson not to trim my beard decades ago first thing in the morning. I wound up clean shaven and asking myself, "what the hell have I done?"

Into the shower, hair washed, conditioned with the 'good' stuff, then the anti-frizz stuff Sarah recommended, when I commented how beautiful her hair was. Her blond main hangs to her mid-thigh (Rapunzel!) & is nothing short of breath taking. (Get the idea I like long hair?)

I'm ready to head out the door now, surprised at how calm and relaxed I feel. Amazing how spending some time giving into a bit of vanity can make you feel human again.


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