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I think not. Just a mind with an endless ability to store trivia.....
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I started on that mega-meme and even though LJ stores a draft, when I accidently hit the wrong key (thanks to an overly sensitive touchpad mouse), poof it was ALL gone. The saved draft was the original I was trying to edit. It's a meme 200 lines long and I was 1/2 way through it. Crap. Guess y'all don't really need to all that stuff, now do you?

Finally got the car back this afternoon. Took 4 weeks, but the repairs look great. On the downside, (not a biggie here) they didn't re-install the code to the stereo system and it took a return trip to the repair shop to find out how to recode the bloody thing. While I was waiting for the thing to reset, which took 10 minutes of waiting with the radio on, as I did it incorrectly the first time and that's how long it takes to reset so you can do it correctly, I managed to run my battery down so far that the car would then not start. So I'm going to have to keep my eye on the battery since I would not expect the battery to be so weak, that it would lose its charge in just over 10 minutes.

We shall see. Tomorrow I head over to our mechanic so he can check out the torn bushing on the rear passenger side, something that was not accident related, and that I will have to repair in order to have a proper allignment done on the car. Worse, according to the repair place, only the dealership is likely going to have the special bar that's required to allign this vehicle, which will mean a trip to the dealership for that, at a cost of $275.

Bloody wonderful.

I think I'm starting to miss the Prius.
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Fogbear selected these 7 items of interest from my list for me to expound on. If you post a comment here, I will select 7 items from your list of interests for you to post about.

bay area - I've come to the promised land!! Seriously, there is so many reasons for me to be here, it's difficult for me to think of living anywhere else. The climate is temperate, and when it comes to weather I'm not fond of extremes. I'm currently in remission from psoriatic arthritis, and don't do extreme cold well. What's extreme? If it snows, in my book that's extreme. Having grown up in the snow belt, I'm only too happy to not have to deal with it. Also as a bear, I'm all too well insulated, so marked heat and I don't get along well either. The social awareness here, the plethora of progressive politics, the reality that being queer is no big deal for the most part and the sheer physical beauty of this place has made me love it and why the Bay Area is my home.

biking- pedal type, not motorized. I'm not a competitive sport type. Riding a bicycle is something that has both given me a workout and gotten me from point A to point B. I've had several times in my life when I've actually been a bicycle commuter. The opportunity to be out in nature and moving, giving me a chance to see the environs and a slower pace than driving affords is something I enjoy Sadly, I've fallen off the band wagon after a hemorrhage not quite 3 years ago.

peace movement- I'm a Quaker, a religious pacifist. I did draft counseling with American Friends Service Committee during the Viet Nam war, and remain committed to the non-violent tactics of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King. It is only one of the reasons why I remain both ashamed of and horrified at the current administration.

queer politics- I'm tired of sitting at the back of the bus. That I can be who I am, here in this larger society, has come both from a social evolution and from our political movement, and each could not happen without the other. The organizing that first put Harvey Milk into both the local and the national limelight made it clear that we're here, and we will demand and fight for our rights. Stonewall happened in the neighborhood where I went to high school, the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. That today, marriage is legal for us in Mass., my 26 year relationship has at least some legal recognition along with both some rights and responsibility, and that marriage will likely become a reality at some point in my lifetime to me is amazing. It's a c-note change from my childhood.

spinning- this is the zen of handcrafts. For me, when I'm sitting at the wheel, cranking away and producing yarn, I am often at peace. (That is of course unless I'm spinning cotton, in which case all bets are off!) I'm descended of fiber workers and garment makers, and working at all levels of clothing production are things simply in my blood. Of all of them, the one that is the most soothing, and frees my mind to both calm itself and enter meditation is spinning. For me to sit at my spinning wheel is to assume an asana. To spin is akin to walking the labyrinth or swinging a rosary. Frankly, I don't do it enough.

travel- speaking of things I don't do enough. I love to see things, and experience, but rarely take the time to do so. My last major trips happened 4 years ago, and the memories of both trips often dance in my dreams as though they happened yesterday. Still so much more to go and see.

weight loss- a love-hate relationship here. Love good food, and love to cook and entertain. Have been an exercise junkie at one point in my life, which took me way down the scale. Unfortunately, time constraints, bad habits and the hemorhage I had the beginning of 2005 broke the exercise routine I had and its meant a major regain of weight. It was 6 months before I had the energy to make it up a flight of steps w/o being exhausted and I have just not been able to re-start that exercise habit again. I love being bear identified, but it does not mean I like being obese. Being a bear for me means self-acceptance - accepting my fur, both facial and otherwise, and not trying to shoe-horn myself in something that is un-natural to me (like a 28 inch waist, or choosing to not eat when I'm hungry). It does not mean glorification of being obese, at least not for me.
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Invited to do, courtesy of Ogam

FOUR Places I have Worked
1. For the state of NY, inspecting summer feeding sites for children who get free school lunches during the school year
2. Teaching with the Christian Brothers at the LaSalle School for Boys in Albany, New York
3. The Native American Health Center in Oakland, California
4. Las Clinicas Allianza del Pueblo in Healdsburg, California

FOUR Places I Have Lived
1. Brooklyn, New York
2. Albany, New York
3. Columbia, Missouri
4. Guerneville, California

FOUR Television Shows I (have) loved to Watch (NB: I don't own nor normally watch TV)
1. Charmed
2. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
3. 60 Minutes
4. Anything Ken Burns does for PBS

FOUR Places I have been on vacation
1. Venice
2. Prague
3. Budapest
4. Ljubljana

FOUR of my favorite foods
1. Avgolemono
2. calamari
3. Smoked salmon
4. Almost anything Asian

FOUR places I'd rather be right now
1. At home, in bed, snogging my husband.
2. Walking, canalside, in Venice
3. Lying on Malamute Daddy's massage table
4. Sitting down to a home cooked meal that someone made for me, rather than the other way around.

Hrm, who to tag? who to tag? WHO WANTS TO PLAY?


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