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I need to start this by saying I am far from a proficient gardener. If a plant does well around me, it's generally because it thrives on benign neglect. Moreover, I live in the middle of a forest, and the light here is indirect at best.

Meyer lemons are a hybrid between a Mandarin and a true lemon. They are lovely fruit. About five years back, I bought a dwarf Meyer lemon which I put it into a wine barrel on the deck. It did well for a time, but then last fall all the leaves curled dropped off and the plant looked as though it was history. I just didn't have the heart to pull it out of the and throw it away. A bit to my surprise, the plant has come back to life and is putting out a bunch of leaves. There are even a couple of flower buds on it.
There was also a tremendous amount of deadwood to remove.

I have never pruned before. I asked a friend of mine who is an active gardener to borrow a pair of pruning shears and for some pointers; on Monday the Lemon tree got a 'haircut'.

This is said tree now.

And this is all the deadwood that came off of it.

I could get used to doing this.
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From this morning:

The other spike has not yet begun to open. At least not yet.
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This mornings view, just before I left for work.

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....begins to open.

As I left for work yesterday morning, I noticed the very first blossom was starting to open.

It's a good day to be alive.
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Birthday gifts last weekend from the Bay Area's Gay Gardeners group included:

these two thornless boysenberries (yum)

and these 6 fig cuttings, that so far seem happy where they are. The tree they came from in Marin, came from a cutting from a tree right in Santa Rosa, so they should do alright here back in Sonoma County. (knock wood)

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As promised, the orchid that lives on my deck.


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