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Thanksgiving at my sister's was scrumptious and I ate without anxiety. After getting wheat poisoned last month when ordering at a restaurant with a Gluten free menu, I'm once burned, twice shy again. However, my sister has the same issue, as does our other sister's consuegra, so I was in good company as well as good hands. I had crab cakes! And clam chowder! And safe side dish, after safe side, after safe side. Even better were the myriad of beautiful veggies to choose from allowing to easily side step the candied yams, in favor of perfectly prepared Brussels Sprouts, a summer slaw & a sweet pea salad so tasty I still wanted more of it after my second helping.

Oh, and a serving of a flourless chocolate cake that was to die for, rather than die from!

Friday we returned to my sister's for brunch; you'd think after 40 for Thanksgiving would be enough for anyone, but Joan is a glutton for punishment, & 11 of us returned. It's rare mom has all three of her children there simultaneously, so she was thrilled; all 3 sons-in-law, plus 2 of her grandchildren were icing on the cake.

I'm fading here. I'll pick up from here in the morning.
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So much to be grateful for.

With the trip here to NJ, I had not had the time to check the news for the past 48 hours, till now that is. Once again, hell has frozen over.

Two federal district court rulings happened yesterday, both finding in favor of marriage equality, the first in Arkansas, the other in Mississippi. My first thought was that had to be a misprint & they were talking about Missouri.

Nope, I was wrong. Is was indeed Mississippi. Hell has frozen over. Beelzebub at this point must be contemplating taking up ice hockey.

I'm still realling with the changes happening.

Seventeen months ago when we got marriage equality back in California, we were 13 states; today that stands at 35 with another 3 in the wings. The speed of the change is dizzying.

I've been legally married 6 1/2 years. Never mind I've been with him going on 34. The last half dozen have been the ones that have seen the most momentous recognition. I'm lying here in bed next to my husband. In my mother's home. Right over her head.

With my sister & her husband in a pair of twin beds down stairs. Mom wanted them to take her double, but they wouldn't hear of it.
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I made this with mom this morning to bring to my sister's for the Thanksgiving holiday.

To each of you, I wish you the best this holiday season. May you have many blessings to count this year.
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At the risk of giving this trip the evil eye, we appear to be golden this morning.

My husband & I have the one open seat on this flight right between us. Until last night we weren't even seated together. I downloaded this airline's iPhone app, checked us in, changed our seats, & got electronic boarding passes right onto the phone.

This is the first time I've been on an Airbus, & so I'm not sure if the seat belts on these are longer than usual, but not only am I not needing an extender, I've got almost a foot of belt to spare. Whee! I can even put down the tray table.

We're about to take off- only 30 minutes late, which ain't bad given yesterday's prediction for horrid weather in the northeastern corridor. Mom called 24 hours ago asking me to bump the flight forward if possible, as the news made cancelled flights sound likely. Dutifully, I called, but the only alternative took us from a non-stop, arriving mid afternoon, to a Byzantine overnight route changing planes first in Houston, then again in Chicago, arriving 15 hours later in the late morning. Wisely, I chose to stay put. Unless the weather take a major turn for the worst, we should be on the ground only 1/2 an hour after out original ETA.


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