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It's 0438 & I just got home. The last 36 hours have been a bear.

Every 2 years I have to renew my neonatal resuscitation certificate in order to maintain my OB privileges at both hospitals in town. Two years ago I thought it would be my last time to do so; I'd decided I'd stop delivering babies when I turned 60. However, now that my arthritis is in remission, I've changed my mind for now and will go at least another year and see how it feels. I still smile when I'm asked socially if I'm a midwife; after all, the long haired, aging hippy couldn't possibly have an MD after his name, could he? With my grey finally beginning to take hold, I imagine soon I'll get asked about being a granny midwife.

Recertification meant first reading the current 365 manual, then doing a written test on line, followed by a practical exam at the hospital. I cracked the new manual Tuesday afternoon finishing shortly before midnight; I tried to get online Tuesday evening to do the testing, but could not maneuver my way through the website without information from sources in their technical support and they closed down at 7pm. So I was up at 6:45 to get to tech support at 7 when they opened and by 8 I was taking the test. An hour later I was out the door to the practical & by noon I was recertified.

Toasted was how I felt. I don't sleep well when I'm preoccupied and doing these recerts gets me playing all the negative tapes about not being good enough. I pass them every time I take them without difficulty, but still I remain my own harshest critic. I had images of getting into bed to sleep. My husband had similar thoughts about getting into bed, but sleep wasn't on his agenda. I was. Thereafter I slept, at least for a few hours.

I hadn't remembered I was the doc de jour for my call group tonight. The calls started in earnest at a few minutes past 6, & by 9:30 I was on the road back to the hospital, 2 people to admit. A third would follow before I could get there.

Time to fold. In 4 hours I'll need to be up to start this game all over again.
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This is been an interesting day.

I dropped off the new car for a scheduled maintenance at the dealership. The service manager promised me that when it was ready I would be called. Then he tried to sell me a brand-new set of tires, to the tune of $1600! Thank you, no.

I had their courtesy car service drop me at the hospital so I can have a light breakfast, and to update my registration with the latest version of the electronic medical record that they use, now which will be cloud-based. I had to get this done by tomorrow when it goes live. Then it was off to the office to get paperwork done followed by a very busy afternoon seeing patients.

At 7 o'clock I sent both the last of my staff and the last of the patients out the door, only to realize once everyone pulled away that the dealership had never called and I had no vehicle. To add insult to injury, while I was trying to get the dealership on the phone, labor and delivery called. I had someone in labor & no way to get there. Fortunately for me it was her first child and I had hours to get there. (She delivered at 1 am, which is why I'm still awake). Mama, whom I delivered once upon a time and her little one are doing just fine.

I called the dealership to find the service department was closed, so I called sales and got ugly. They sent someone over with a loaner car.

I'm going to try to get some shut eye now. Will continue this in the morning.
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Several friends here on LJ have noticed I've been rather quiet as of late. It is not for lack of interest nor is it due to the lack of anything to say or contribute.

It's simply been lack of time. I am up to my nipples in things I have to get done.

Work has been and remains overwhelmingly busy. Add to that, my physician's assistant just lost his mother and has been out of the office to take care of his family and her personal effects for the past 10 days. He will not return until the first of next week. In the meantime, babies continue to be born and people still continue to get sick. I'm get to do the work for the two of us. That & I am struggling to tie up all the loose ends before I leave.

I We are taking a much needed vacation.

Friday morning, my husband and I, along with [livejournal.com profile] donkeygirl06 and her husband are boarding a plane for Kauai, for 10 days of muchly needed R&R. By Saturday morning, I expect to be face down somewhere off of Kauai's south shore staring at fish and sea turtles. Dip me in sunblock and toss me into the drink. I am so ready.

At least I will be, once I finish dotting all the "i's" and crossing the "t's".
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I signed papers today, to certify one of my patients for medical marijuana use. I looked at the calendar, to date the form & cracked up. I handed over the paper to one rather confused looking patient. Have your MD laugh when handing you paperwork can be rather disconcerting.

"Look at the date," I said.
Then we both started giggling.
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While it's been a good day, I'm very much beginning to feel like a hamster running on a wheel.

From the moment I walked into my office today, until 7:45 tonight I ran from patient room to patient room. Despite my not wasting any time, one new patient walked out without being seen, as I just couldn't get to them fast enough. Tomorrow, was supposed to be a 'paperwork' day. That said, the infant that has been the cause of much angst over the past two weeks is going to be seen tomorrow morning at 11:30. This, in and of itself would not have been a major deal keeping me from getting my paperwork done. However, I found out from my office manager just before she left for the evening, tomorrow afternoon I have my neonatal resuscitation recertification. I thought that was next week. Now granted I do need the continuing education credits (four hours is four hours, not that a week is going to make any difference), but I do need to spend a little time reading the refresher book which I have not had a chance to do yet. That was on my schedule for this coming weekend. I guess rather than doing paperwork tomorrow morning, I'm going to be reading the refresher book. It looks like paperwork is going to be pushed over to Saturday. (Oh joy, oh joy!)

I'm not sure I understand why everything has suddenly gotten so hectic. (I'm lying. This hasn't been sudden. It's chronic. This is just worse than usual.) I'm feeling just a bit trapped right this moment, as well as feeling like my needs remain on my own back burner.

In an economy like this, where so many are losing their jobs and their shirts, I guess I should be grateful I have a purpose that keeps me this busy. My husband keeps telling me that when everything is said and done and all my hours get tallied, that I might be earning minimum wage. Every time I look at my overhead, I get the sinking feeling that he just might be right. Medi-Cal, which paid poorly albeit quickly, has cut their reimbursement by 10% given the state's budget crisis; every day I find out about another patient who is about to lose their job and along with it their health care coverage. No fewer than three people shared that with me yesterday. (I wonder if there's an ICD-9 code for that?)

Oh well, time to drink my wormwood like a good little boy and head for the hills. I need to get some sleep if I'm going to get back on this treadmill tomorrow morning. (Oh yeah, and some dinner might be nice.)


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