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When all was said and done last night, I walked out of the hospital at 3 AM. This however, was not before having 2 cups of coffee to be certain I would be able to make the drive home. Unfortunately this also made it so I was absolutely wide-awake when I got home and it was time to go to bed.

I have a meeting in San Jose later this afternoon and so I decided to pack what I needed last night. This of course meant rummaging around in the closet for a little bit, selecting clothing.

While in the closet I decided to try on an old Levi's denim shirt, Labeled IIx. Much to my surprise, bordering on shock, it fits. Part of the reason I'm so surprised since I had it on approximately a month ago, and at that time I figured I had at least 40 pounds to lose before it would be wearable. Well, I was wrong; it's fits now. Finding that it fit prompted me to look at my oilskin drover coat. It's got to be a dozen years ago that I bought this thing. We were in the middle of a very wet winter, and I was all of 250 pounds. The oilskin is actually a cotton cloth that's been impregnated with a water repellent oil, & the coat was pattern after the drover style of coach popular in Australia. I like its distinctive style, & that winter was very helpful given the amount of rain we had. It's a double X. I tried the thing on about a month and a half two months ago and again figured I would not be anywhere near being able to wear it at this point. Well, were we having much rain (and with our drought we're not), I would actually be able to wear it again. That news nearly knocked me over.

The two major discoveries in my closet where exactly the thing that my psyche needed last night. I've been on a plateau for the last couple of weeks which has been on a small level somewhat discouraging. Further, patient care over the past week, plus having had my ankle injected on Monday rather um, shall we say vigorously, has kept me from the gym since last Sunday & that's getting me rather frustrated.

That's all for now. Patient care awaits. Will post about the car later
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This is been an interesting day.

I dropped off the new car for a scheduled maintenance at the dealership. The service manager promised me that when it was ready I would be called. Then he tried to sell me a brand-new set of tires, to the tune of $1600! Thank you, no.

I had their courtesy car service drop me at the hospital so I can have a light breakfast, and to update my registration with the latest version of the electronic medical record that they use, now which will be cloud-based. I had to get this done by tomorrow when it goes live. Then it was off to the office to get paperwork done followed by a very busy afternoon seeing patients.

At 7 o'clock I sent both the last of my staff and the last of the patients out the door, only to realize once everyone pulled away that the dealership had never called and I had no vehicle. To add insult to injury, while I was trying to get the dealership on the phone, labor and delivery called. I had someone in labor & no way to get there. Fortunately for me it was her first child and I had hours to get there. (She delivered at 1 am, which is why I'm still awake). Mama, whom I delivered once upon a time and her little one are doing just fine.

I called the dealership to find the service department was closed, so I called sales and got ugly. They sent someone over with a loaner car.

I'm going to try to get some shut eye now. Will continue this in the morning.
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So no surprise, Westboro Baptist Church (AKA Fred Phelps and his family) are blaming the mega tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on Jason Collins, the gay NBA basketball player and that the G-d hates fags.

So, how does a massive tornado wrecking one of the least gay friendly locations in the country demonstrate, the Divine's anger at gays and societal acceptance of them? Did Oklahoma suddenly become a new Mecca for queerfolk when I wasn't looking? If you're going to conjecture about G-d's take on gay people, wouldn't smiting a place like Moore, Oklahoma instead of say San Francisco, West Hollywood, Park Slope, Northampton, or Capital Hill suggest just the opposite?

So, it would seem that the 'good' reverend (and I use that term loosely), isn't just psychotic, but stupid as well.
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I suppose I should be used to this. When getting undressed last night, I pulled my scrub and the tee beneath it off together and felt the chain on my neck slide off with them. There are a pair of charms on that chain, a hamsa (hand of God) along with a piece in Hebrew from the Song of Songs that reads "I am my beloved's & my beloved is mine." There are a lot of sharp edges on the latter piece & often I feel it as it crosses my skin, particularly when it comes off as it did as I undressed last night. Only last night as I searched thru the shirts for the chain, it just wasn't there. Not to be found. I felt it come off with my clothing. No cotton shirt feels like that charm dragging over chest.

After 5 minutes of searching, I gave up. My bladder actually made that decision for me.

My chain with both charm lay on the counter next to the sink. WTF!?!

I have a ring, currently in the safe (at least that's where I put it some months back) that has disappeared more than once, only to reappear later.

In the summer of 1962, I was digging in beach sand at the water's edge with my kid sister. I was 7 at the time. In the sand I found a glint of a gold band. It was the back of a men's gold ring, sporting a star sapphire & a few diamond chips. I gave it to my father, who wore it from that day forward. It came back to me upon his death 13 years ago.

When I came home to California after Pop's funeral, I had the ring resized & wore it for a couple of months. Then it disappeared. I awoke one morning, reached for it on my nightstand, only to find it gone, nowhere to be found. I was heartbroken. There had been two pieces on the nightstand, that ring & a gold men's bracelet that had also been my father's. He had put that bracelet on my wrist 2 days before he died. It had been my habit to take them off when I went to bed. Ever since, the bracelet never leaves my body. I always have a chain on my neck so I have a place to put the bracelet & my wedding ring, when I go into the OR.

Eleven months after my father died, our family returned to the cemetary to unveil his headstone. I flew cross country to NJ the day before to stay with my mom. The morning of the unveiling, I arose & showered. Coming back into the bedroom still wrapped in a towel, I took out my clothing and tossed that towel onto the bed. Once dressed, I grabbed the damp towel, intending to hang it back in the bathroom for it to dry.

In the middle of the bed, was the ring. It had disappeared in California 9 months earlier only to resurface in New Jersey the day of the unveiling. I cannot explain it. I just know it happened.


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