Feb. 8th, 2006

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Permissive parenting spawned this. We have a wolf/shepard hybrid who refuses to eat dog food. REFUSES. Turns his nose up and walks away from the bowl. My other half gives in and gets him something else. I get crazy when he feeds Aaron something expensive I've brought home for us, which is regularly. Makes me crazy.

We found out a while back he will eat cat food. Having a cat for the last 17 years, he had plenty of opportunity to. I figured initially it was because it was the other animal's food. I turns out that he actually does prefer the stuff. Three particularly flavors of it. Don't even think af anything that has fish in it. He won't touch it.
We suspect this came about because cat food is higher in protein content. It's also a damned expensive habit. Between the two cats, and the recalcitrant canine, we go through a case of cat food every three days. At $14.40 case, it's a habit I don't want have to pay for.

The moment THEIR brand (that's their as in our pets', not as in the market's brand)of cat food goes on sale at local supermarket (the only market in our small town) I go in and order anywhere from 30 to 50 cases. It doesn't phase the guy who does the ordering anymore. He's used to it. It does confuse the hell out of the checkers, though. They see me rolling a dolly with 50 odd cases of cat food up to the register and either their eyes glaze over or they sputter. Before we got the kittens, when asked how many cats I was feeding, I could honestly look them in the eye and say, "Just one." And then would usually add, "But he's a mountain lion...." At this point most of the checkers are on to the situation, and sometimes ask when the get to actually see my wolf.

So for the Math, well, I ordered 50 cases this time last week, but didn't have a chance to pick them up till last night, 40 minutes before the sale was due to end. The guy who does the ordering, grabbed me as I rolled to the checkout. "Wait a moment," he said. "I have to check on something." Two minutes later he returned to tell me that at midnight the price was going down another nickle a can. That's an extra $1.20/case discount. $60 more savings for 50 cases. For $60, I can stall for 40 minutes. Then when the checker started ringing me up, the register balked. Apparently, head office's master computer has never figured that anyone would buy that much cat food in one fell swoop. Turns out the most we could ring up was 20 cases at a time. So we did (2 1/2 times). And with that, their coupon generator started generating '$0.50 off your next shopping trip' coupons, 15 of them for every 10 cases. Another $37.50 back for the total purchase. Bottom line? Had this been purchased at the regular price, after tax, I would have spent $764.64. Instead, after the coupons and the loss leader discount, I spent $287.50.

The pets are fed without eating us out of house and home, at least for the next 5 months. Actually longer. I had the chutzpah to get a raincheck coupon for another 50 cases at that price.


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