May. 21st, 2006

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I've felt like a slug for months. After my hemorrhage last year I had to stop working out. I lost so much blood and could not tolerate iron. I tried to continue then, but all attempts were futile. I simply exhausted too quickly. the weeks stretched into months and the habit was simply broken.

I finally went back today. There is way more of me than I am comfortable with. WAY more. I still have gym clothes that fit, thank God. This morning, I got out the gym bag and the new running shoes I got MONTHS ago and off I went. Did a 20 minute run on the elliptical without killing myself. Granted only 1.4 miles in that 20 minutes, but not bad for a man with over 100# to lose who hasn't run in 16 months. What's more the gym stuff has been laundered and is back in the bag ready for me to repeat this in the morning.

The goal I'm setting for myself is to make this M, W, Th, S and S. For the time being I'm planning to keep the run at the 20 minutes per visit for at least the next week or so and then up it as way opens. I've done this before, buth compulsively and at the same time sensibly. I can do it again. Monday is a paper work day and thursays I start work at 2pm, so I will only have to push yself to rise extra early Wednesdays.

Today's run was 1.4 mile at a resistance of 5, and if the machine is to be believed it was a calorie burn of roughly 345kcal.
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