Jul. 7th, 2006

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Snagged from Westwind MV, Malamute daddy and Ogam

1. Cigarettes: deadly, disgusting, & a violence perpetrated on the public by big tobacco & Madison Avenue
2. Sex: this morning
3. Relationships: 25 years, the weekend after next.
4. Your Last Ex: God bless and keep him
5. Power Rangers: huh?
6. Marijuana: munchies
7. Crack: of dawn
8. Food: anything ethnic
9. This President: an abomination
10. War: wrong, plain and simple
11. Cars: could use a new, fuel efficient one
12. Gas Prices: rising and I hope they piss enough people off to vote out the current party in power
13. Halloween: in the Castro
14. Bon Jovi: no impact in my life
15. Religion: Quakerism
16. MySpace: teenagers
17. Worst Fear: losing my husband – cannot imagine my life without him
18. Marriage: in essence already married. Wish the gov’t would acknowledge that.
19. Fashion: an excuse to sell more threads
20. Brunettes: plentiful
21. Redheads: me
22: Work: Play
23: Pass the time: Sudoku
24. One-night stands: like fast food, may taste alright, but little nutritive benefit
25. Cellphones: without one no one would ever find me
26: Pet Peeves: people driving with a cell phone held to their ear
27: Pixie Stixx: gross
28: Vanilla Ice Cream: apple pie
29: Porta Potties: Renaissance Faire
30: High school: Fame
31: Pajamas: waste of fabric
32. Wood: every morning
33. Surfers: wet suits
34. Pictures: worth 1000 words
35. First True Love: Veronica Szczesny (yes, I said Veronica)


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