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So, Tom (aka[livejournal.com profile] tomcat) is visiting & given he's my partner in crime at the dye pot, we've spent the weekend doing tie-dye.

Sarah, (truly one of the true treasures of this county) had hoped to join us, but alas the joys of parenthood kept her away. This dress was soaked last time we did this almost 2 years ago, but was never dyed. That, I did this weekend.

Tom and I discussed, no, debated color palate. It's drawn from the earth and sky that so typifies Sarah. I'm happy with the result. So were Tom (in the Mondrian inspired tie-dye) & my husband.

I did a few thing for myself this weekend. I have a hooded long sleeved tee that had a couple of stains that's been "renewed". It's now mostly a teal, with a deep vee yoke of jewel tones, interspersed with white bars. Similarly, a white long sleeved tee that was worn yesterday while dying other projects and had gotten quite spattered, was done up with a deep vee pattern moving from forest tones graduating to sunburst. Last, I did a gift for Dolly who turned 100 yesterday, but it's late. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.
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to my question on shatnez. Kind of all of you.

My grandfather was a shochat and butcher, as well as a tailor. My uncle, knowing my passion for fiber arts, had made comment to me years ago about 'traif' fabrics giving me instructions that were much more complicated than it appears they are in reality. As Zaydeh, Uncle Dave and for that matter my father are all no longer with us, I didn,t have them to ask for advice any longer, and it struck me to simple toss this out there to the cyberether, as I know so many of you have an interest both in fiber and in religious practice.

I HAD been told that there was not just a prohibition on mixing linen and sheeps wool, but any plant fiber with any animal fiber and that silk was the parve of the fiber world, blendable with anything. I'm grateful to have been disabused of that notion.
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I know this may be a bit esoteric, but does anyone out there know if bamboo fiber when spun is kosher? I have a bamboo/silk blend which I am assuming should be kosher, but I don't know for sure, and since I'm thinking of using it for some ritual textiles, I sorta need to know.


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