Apr. 29th, 2017

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It's been a busy week here in Lake Wobegon Lower Lake. I last hit the gym Monday but with all the hard work and lifting/carrying I've been doing here, I've not been too hard on myself for not going as often as I want. It isn't as if I've been sitting on my butt.

My chest wall pain has been markedly better since my visit with the osteopath last Saturday. I'm still having some pain, but at this point it's more discomfort than sharp pain. Even sneezing no longer leaves me miserable. (Amen!) I've been so busy, I haven't even been out to the garage to step on the scale out there.

That sort of back burnering my weight often doesn't bode well for success. However, I had an inkling I would have a nice surprise at the gym when I got there this evening. I was right. I'm now back in the 260s. Firmly so in fact. Monday's 272 went to Friday's 267. I'm almost down 60# in just over 5 months.

Last week, while looking for the dishes to put away into the cabinets, I found a box of clothing that now fits, including my Utilikilt, purchased 15 years ago and I've been unable to fit into for over a decade. I've worn it twice since I found it and will continue to. Who knows how long I'll be able to? My suspicion is once I hit 235~240, it's going to be too big. A belt holds it in place, so I might continue to be able to wear it a bit longer. Feasibly that could be by late summer or early fall, if my pace continues.

We shall see.

Meanwhile, I will continue to do as I'm doing. Buoyed by tonight's news, I hit the elliptical and ran for as long as it was comfortable. I made it 50 minutes and 4.25 mikes in that time. That along with my yard work today was an estimated caloric burn of over 1500 kCal just for today!

(Run Forest, RUN!)
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In November, while we were back east, my Aunt Lu, my mother's brother's widow passed away. Yesterday it was Aunt Arlene, my father's brother's widow.

Aunt Arlene was 88 & had been in dwindling health for some time. The funeral is Monday morning and I'm in no position to go. With all recent expenses in the remodel and no money coming in, I really can't afford to fly to Minnesota right now. My sister is making the trip from NJ, which I'm grateful for. At least someone from my immediate family will be there.

I need to call Aunt Rita in the morning, and confirm my cousins' current addresses and get condolences into the mail. My sister just texted me the obituary from this morning's Star Tribune.


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