Apr. 22nd, 2017

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It's 5:20am. I've been conscious for an hour, unable to go back to sleep after my bladder decided I needed to be awakened.

I went to bed sometime between 10 & 11, I think.

I'm feeling every last minute of my age this morning. The factors behind this? Number one, the rib fracture the other day isn't letting me use my left arm freely (not good for a southpaw) & number two, I'm definitely not enjoying the re-runs of This Old Bed. A full size, ancient boxspring and mattress is far from ideal for a couple of bears who've spent their entire 36 year marriage in a king sized waterbed. Granted the weight I've dropped in the past 5 months has made sleeping together in a bed this small possible. It hasn't made it especially comfortable, particularly in light of my recent rib fracture. Right this moment, my shoulders, low back, & the top of my butt are complaining.

I need a massage therapist.

In a couple of hours, I'll get up and hit the shower and get my butt on the road. My friend the osteopath is going to see me this morning. With luck, she'll be able to help me with my chest pain. Breathing right now is not a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure I've got two problems in my chest/ribs. I think the 4th is anteriorly displaced which should be fixable, although it's the 5th I think is broken, which is likely to keep her from putting the 4th back in. At the very least, she should be able to medicate me. Other than my generic Celebrex, I haven't been taking anything.

In an admission of being completely self absorbed, I'm wondering if she going to say anything about the weight I've lost. I haven't told her I've been losing & I'm down 55 since she last saw me.

At 1 this afternoon I have a memorial to go to. A friend down the street from my place in Guerneville was widowed in January. Matt lost his husband of 14 years after a brief fight with esophageal cancer. Given I'm 8 years Eddie's senior, this is one memorial I hadn't expected to attend.

On the home front, I found the rest of the everyday dishes, and they've been put away for the most part. So too the bulk of the serving pieces. I think the coffee cups are going to continue to live in the top drawer of the breakfront, which is still in the storage container, and so those guys remain boxed. The break front will not come out of the storage container until the living room floor gets done, so I suspect that won't happen for a couple of months. Before I go too far from this, the mugs (as opposed to the cups) are already in the cabinet right above where the coffee and espresso machines live, or at least, will live, once the backsplash gets done.

In the course of hunting for the dishes (turns out they were in the barn, not the garage), I also found a small box of pants labeled "44s - open @ 280". Well I'm 10 below that now. Upside? My wardrobe just increased by 5 pair of pants. Downside? Only 2 pair are suitable for work; the rest are jeans.

The kitchen is nearing completion, as are the hall closet, pantry closet, and my walk in in the bedroom. These last 3 excite me; when they're done I get to unpack into them which in turn is one further step towards normalcy.


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