Jun. 24th, 2017

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At 2:48 yesterday afternoon, the central AC got turned on. (Can I get an a-men!)

Almost 3 weeks ago, the AC contractor was getting started with his crew and he called one of them Adam, only to be told, "I'm Jason." I looked at the man quizzicality and he looked and said, "Adam's my brother." I smiled and said to the contractor, "I never thought I'd get to say this, but you don't know him from Adam!"

Well now I've met Adam.

Two guys started working at 9:30 in the morning & at 3pm, Adam did a 60 second explanation of how to program the thermostat. Fortunately for me, he left the instruction booklet.

I need to get some air filters for the system within the next couple of weeks, particularly given the amount of dust and dog hair we've got around here. They only left us two filters and Adam's assessment, not the highest quality. However, even with the less than stellar air filter, the system is now working and the house is much more comfortable.

We are by no means done, but this was a huge milestone.
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After 36 years of marriage, I am uncertain whether I am a married gay man, or a gay single parent.

My husband just recently on CPAP & is still not used to using it. Kaiser is still working with him to find the right mask, and last night I was awakened repeatedly by the noise of his mask leaking air. The first two times I tried shifting his mask a little bit, but after the third attempt in less than half an hour, I turned on the overhead light to find that he had turned his headgear into macramé and badly done macramé at that. I have no idea how he did this, but it was no surprise the mask was leaking given its tenuous attachment to his face. I woke him, had him sit up and readjusted every last bloody strap and connection after which he was out like a light. I was up until past 3. At 7, I heard him up in the kitchen.

I'm now trying to go back to sleep. We've got friends coming for dinner and poker at 6:30.


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