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Stressful day here.

I was out early to hit the hardware store. I got the wrong supply hose for the toilet when I went yesterday, and she nice David will be away all next week, and I want this bathroom to use, I ran. LJ needed stuff doe an electrical project and the first hardware store was out of them, so I hit the other one in Clearlake which had them and also put me right across the street from Grocery Outlet. I had both dish soap and laundry detergent on my shopping list, so I knocked Walmart off my stops-to-make list & went there instead. Got the detergent, picked up LJ's favorite yogurt, some fresh white peaches and coffee, but struck out with the soap dish, cafe curtains and toothbrush holder. They're on the list for maƱana at Home Depot. I had to get home to meet the cable guy.

We're now getting internet services from Mediacom who are the only game in town the county for fast internet and cable tv (as opposed to satellite). After ordering service for cable tv over a week ago this was the first appointment available for cable installation.

I have two HD tv's big screens each, both having originally come outta office waiting room. I got the better one of the two up in the master bedroom last week. We only agreed on placement of the screen upstairs the night before, incidentally in the location I had originally envisioned. There hadn't been time to get the tv up on the wall.

Fading suddenly. I'll continue this in the morning.

Date: 2017-06-17 03:31 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bob_garwood
Once your internet service is up and running, I'd be interested to hear what speed you're getting.


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