Jan. 11th, 2017

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My butt is on fire.

Bet that got your attention.

I went up to the lake house with Jeremy yesterday. I need to be there to meet with the cable installation guy, or no wifi for the new house. We already waited a week and a half for the installation and despite the horrid weather, we made the trip.

The rains have arrived fir the season. So far it's been a very wet rainy season, a good thing given the severity of our current drought. Not so good in that it's causing local flash flooding in a bunch of low lying areas in the SF Northbay.

I met Jeremy in downtown Forestville, and leaving my car there, we took his 4 wheel drive truck over the mountains to the Lake. He got busy framing the new shower, after pulling out the door the shower was going to block. I went to work on the floor in the closets.

Did I mention we have tongue and groove flooring in the original footprint of the house. Did I mention it was buried under 5 layers of flooring? Jeremy had already uncovered the stuff in the kitchen, hallway and bath. The tongue and groove got pulled up from the bathroom, to patch any damaged areas we find elsewhere. There's bound to be damage, and since the bath's wetness won't be good for the hardwood, what was in the bath is now stacked in the living room, where kit must likely will be needed once we start on that floor. The two hallway closets had not been done.

I strapped on some knee pads and went to work, hammer, pry bar and cat's paw in hand. Getting off the multiple layers of flooring was slow, tedious work. The uppermost layer was painted cement board. This layer had both mastic and nails as well paint on top of it. Then there was linoleum, more adhesive, and then strand board which had been nailed to the hardwood below. It took me an hour and a half to get the two closets done, but we're back to the hardwood layer in both.

The cable guy arrive while I was halfway thru the larger closet. Young and ├╝ber nice guy. I walked him upstairs and showed him where I thought the modem should live, and he agreed with the placement. I feel for the guy having to do this work from the pole out at the street in the pouring rain, but he got to work and did s bang up job. By the time I was done with the first closet, he was done.

We sat down on the porch at the table, a place I'm looking forward to sitting and booted my computer which found the modem effortlessly, as did my iPhone moments later. High speed wifi out in the country; its s good thing. Right after he left, Jeremy returned from the hardware store. The Forestville school had called. Their lot was starting to flood and they were calling all parents to come get their kids. Moreover, Bill the cabinetmaker had also called to tell him there had been heavier rain than expected and if he intended to get home before his road to home got flooded, we should drive back asap. We packed it in and left.

Now I've been running. Three to four times per week in fact. I've done 9 miles in the past 6 days. The muscles in my legs and particularly my butt have hardened nicely. Spending the morning yesterday both kneeling and bent over at the waist to pull up that detritus flooring pushed me, but in a good way. My butt is good and sore, but oddly enough in a good way. I cannot explain it better than it hurts so good. I know I've been using my muscles.

I've got a close friend who keeps saying, "no pain, is no pain." He's not a fan of 'it hurts so good'. I got out of bed to take a leak early this morning and just getting out of bed, my butt let me know it's been working. Touching it is sore, but strangely enough, not unpleasant.

Need to see what's happening with the river; if the floodwaters have receded, I need to get into Santa Rosa today. I'm gonna head to the gym today, but, no running for me today. I think it's high time to go soak.

And maybe a massage if I can swing it.


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