Jan. 22nd, 2017

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I wanted to be in San Francisco today. Screw that, I wanted to be marching in Washington yesterday. Unfortunately, my reality is the more time I take away from working on the house, the longer it will be before we're able to move. I'm spending as much time as I can in sweat equity as possible.

We were stripped back to the studs in the kitchen and bathroom on the first floor, as well as the 1/2 bath off the back patio. 5 layers of flooring got pulled up and two levels of ceiling pulled down. I pulled up flooring in the two hall closets, helped Jeremy tear down the wall between the kitchen and the bath, helped him frame in the shower and tore out the patio bathroom myself. Yesterday we hung the drywall in the kitchen and started in the bath. I've been living in overalls and depending on Celebrex.

The plumber is almost finished. We have in essence replumbed the entire house. Some of the copper pipes were salvageable. Interestingly, they were mostly venting pipes. Amazing at one point someone installed copper venting, but they did and we were able to utilize it, but pretty much everything else is new. Now, phase two will affect the upstairs and putting in a full bath up there, which has not yet been plumbed, but there is already water running to that floor with the 1/2 bath already upstairs. There's a new water line roughed in for the fridge, all new lines in the bath as every fixture got moved, and gas pipes have been run for the water heater and stove, as well as the furnace.

We pulled all new wire in the kitchen, bath and bedroom. The electrical is still a work in progress, but most importantly errors in the wiring made in previous remodels have been identified and are being corrected.

What's my role in this? Making it clear what I want my home to look like. What fixtures, what colors, what placement. Have I ever done construction before? Nope. Our contractor tells me what to do, shows me how and I do it. Simple as that. Not rocket science. There's right & wrong ways to do things as I'm finding out, and I will never look at This Old House or Addicted to Rehab quite the same way again. I wind up doing a lot of sweeping up. The sheer amount of dirt, dust and debris generated by a remodel is staggering.

I am loving the progress I'm seeing. I'm often exhausted at the end of the day, but there's also a major sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This much is for certain; it's very much a learning process. I will understand this house and his it went together, in a way I never would have elsewise, and that's s good thing.
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I cannot honestly take credit for that statement l. It was given voice by a BBC reporter this morning. My G-d, how apt!

All one needs to do is to look at arial photos done of his Inauguration Day crowds and compare them to photos from either of the two previous inaugurations. You know the two. They were for the illegitimate Kenyan the Donald railed against for 8 years.

Moreover, from arial photos taken just 24 hours later, estimates are the women's march brought 5-600,000 people protesting Trump and his ilk. The administration's response? Send a bellicose press secretary out to yell at the press, accuse them of lying to the American public and with that he turned on his heel and marched out, allowing not a single question. WTF!?!

You may be entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own set of facts.


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